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    Default Re: Best "non-rotary" vises

    I do own a Renzetti vise but do 90% of my tying on a vintage D.H. Thompson model 360-A

    The vise uses the same cam and jaw as the original Model A vise but can be turned if you want to see the opposite side of the fly. They also have an adjustable collet angle which makes them great for tube tying.

    Only way to find them is to check eBay regularly, I've seen them sell for as little as 30 dollars and as high as 100, I often think of buying another one just for threads like this but am afraid no one would ever want it. I've had mine since 1994

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    Default Re: Best "non-rotary" vises

    I like a vise that itís easy to adjust the jaws and the jaws are rock solid when set. Iíve had three vises, an Orvis that came with a fly tying kit in the 1970s, a HMH spartan and a Renzetti Traveller 2300. By far, the Renzetti is the quickest and easiest to use. I donít care about the rotary aspect or use it. Secure the hook easily and quickly with minimal adjustments, thatís what I want in a vise.
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    Default Re: Best "non-rotary" vises

    I use a 30 year old Regal Pedestal Vice and a Peak Pedestal Rotary Vice. I use the Regal for tying larger patterns and the Peak for tying smaller patterns as I can access the back of the hook more easily (for me at least). I really don't use the rotary feature much but being able to rotate the fly is convenient.

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    Default Re: Best "non-rotary" vises

    Another +1 for the Regal Medallion, though I will admit to having quick access to an HMH and a Dyna-King Barracuda as well. The Regal gets the bulk of the workload around here, though I do call in the other two for certain applications. Then again, I tend to burn through a lot of different hook styles in a day at the tying desk.

    Let us know what you decide on...

    Jerry, aka hairwing530

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    Default Re: Best "non-rotary" vises

    Quote Originally Posted by flytie09 View Post
    The Regal Medallion has to be up there on the top 5 best list for non true rotary vises. You can still rotate the head easily to view your work. It can hold hooks from a 5/0 down to a size 22 no problem.
    I also have a Regal. Fantastic vise. I tie primarily #6-20's. The Regal is great with those. While it isn't a rotary vise, it's easy to turn and get different angles when assessing a fly or trimming wings and tails.

    I love the ease with which hooks are loaded up and flies are taken down. My goodness, what a fun vise to use! So, here is another vote for the Regal.

    p.s. I also have a Renzetti Traveller pedestal vise. It's a great vise, but the Regal is so much easier to use that I do 99% of my tying on the Regal. The Renzetti gets used when I go to a class or decide to do a little tying in a different place. I think I might like the Renzetti more if I had the cam-lock feature. This is a tiny detail, but one that would--I think--make a difference for me.
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    Default Re: Best "non-rotary" vises

    The HMH Spartan is great value for the money. Iím able to tie flies from 8 down to 22ís without any issues. You are able to buy attachments to allow you to tie tube flies. It a solid well made vise and its made in the US.

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    Thanks for your help and comments, everyone. I've been attempting to include a picture of my old Herter's vice (vintage early 1990's). I am using this vise now, and it does an OK job with no frills. I only have trouble with very large flies (probably 8 or larger)DSCN2136.jpgDSCN2136.jpg, but I'm wondering if I just don't know how to adjust for that or if I can obtain another set of jaws for those infrequent ties. Thanks again. Tom

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    Default Re: Best "non-rotary" vises

    Quote Originally Posted by tom hines View Post
    Hi, Everyone
    I tie flies mostly in the 8-18 range. I don't (or haven't ever) used a rotary vise and would like to know your thoughts on the best non-rotary vises with good flexibility to handle various hook sizes. I don't need a travel vise, either. Thanks for your help. Tom
    I vote for the HMH Standard. I owed one and then went to the Renzetti Master which is a rotary vise. I think the HMH standard is the best of the non rotary vises.

    I've owned a Regal and that is a viable option for the hook range you are tying. However, it has a reputation for spitting small hooks. Small hooks have to be placed perfectly and the standard jaws can chip with small hooks. Regal even warns about this. For this reason, I do not recommend Regal Vises.


    If you are going to buy a Regal, get the one with the more chip resistant stainless steel jaws.

    Chipping of Regal jaws is well known.

    My Regal vise is dead - Drake Magazine Online

    Anyone use a Regal Vise?

    Regal Vise Projectiles | Washington Fly Fishing


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    Default Re: Best "non-rotary" vises

    Silver's point is valid. It's why I always set the hook with extreme caution into the groove in the jaws and give it a couple of plucks to insure it's well seated. I've not had any problems with jaws breaking...with my luck, it will happen tomorrow.

    If you use caution and realize it can happen, then you should be fine. I've busted 4x vises prior to my regal and it had nothing to do with a hook erupting out of the jaws. They were just flat out a cheap vise.

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    Default Re: Best "non-rotary" vises

    Quote Originally Posted by flytie09 View Post
    Iíve tied thousands of flies over the past 30+ years. Not once have I opined about not having a rotary vise and threw my scissors across the room. For me itís just not a necessary feature. I donít miss what I donít know.

    They make nice non rotary and crummy rotaries too. Itís whatever blows your skorts up.

    My pedestal Regal Medallion will easily outlive me. Perhaps 2-3 other anglers will have enjoyed using it 100 years from now.

    I canít say that for any of the other 4 low end vises I owned prior to this one.

    For some...... itís a show stopper feature. That might be you.
    Appreciate your comments/advice based on your considerable experience. But just looked up a RM and its a bit pricey for me (newbie fly tyer). Do you have any recommendations for a vise under $100?

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