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Thread: Don't laugh...

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    My first Fiies were so ugly, I had to kill the trout they caught just to weed them out of the gene pool!

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    I don't care who you are, that's funny....

    I haven't tied anything since. I just got some materials, but finding time is the real problem....
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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    finding time is the real problem....
    This is why one needs a permanent tying area. You have your list of what you need to tie to fill the MT compartments in your boxes, right? So say you need to tie, I dunno, some Red Quills. You take a dozen hooks, a dozen quills, correct amount of hackle, correct amount of barred woodie and keep it in a sandwich sized Rubbermaid container when you aren't tying. (always tie a dozen each....faster). Have 15 minutes before dinner? Sit down, take what you need out of the container and tie a fly or two. You have a permanent setup, so your vise and tools are always at the ready. You only need a 3'x2' table. Nothing too big or fancy. If you have the room, go to Staples and buy a computer desk. The kitchen table is NOT the right place to tie.


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    keep it up! not bad! I know it will catch a fish for sure!
    "Hey, you.Get your damn hands off my herl !!!!"

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    A first fly tied?!?!? -- very nicely done!!!!!
    "Fly fishing is solitary, contemplative, misanthropic, scientific in some hands, poetic in others, and laced with aesthetic considerations. It's not even clear if catching fish is actually the point." -John Gierach

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    Snowing a bit here. I think I'll sit down tonight (after everyone is in bed) and mess around. I got some materials, I really don't care if it's anything that is fishable. I'm itching to tie a hackle. I'll see what I come up with and if I don't throw up after looking at the finished product, I'll post it.

    Perhaps it will give some of you a chance to re-examine your breakfast/lunch/dinner/whatever....momma always said I should share...
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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    That's a great first fly mine didn't look half as good as that. Keep up the good work and welcome to the great addiction of fly tying.

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    I would would be embarrassed to show my first fly, nice job.

    "I have a river runs through it on blue ray, so yeah, I guess you could say I know a thing or two about fly fishing."

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankB2 View Post

    Here's a series of fly tying videos you might find helpful: YouTube - Learn Fly Tying Lesson 1 for Beginners with David Cammiss When you're first starting,
    it's much more helpful to see someone's actual hand motions. There are lots
    of tying lessons on YouTube, and other internet sites. Get a pack of marabou,
    bugger hackle, wire (I don't use it on buggers any longer), and some hooks.
    BUGGER CITY ! If you buy a 100 pack of Mustad #10 hooks, Whiting Bugger
    hackle pack, and a pack of marabou, you can 100 Wooly Buggers for $25.
    I didn't mention chenille because I don't use it. I simply tie in the marabou
    tail, and then wind the excess marabou up the hook shank for a body. It looks
    good, ties faster, eliminates a step in tying, and reduces wasted materials.
    The video(s) are awesome. It really helped. Thanx a bunch.
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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    YouTube can be an amazing learning tool! There are some really great patterns shown on YouTube, and I do a quick search each day for new video.

    Glad it helped !

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