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Thread: Don't laugh...

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    Default Don't laugh...

    I got a bunch of fly tying tools and the Orvis Fly Tying book for Christmas. Bought a vice that was recommended by someone on this forum (Thanx, Hardyreels). I've had my nose in that book for a few weeks since.

    So, since I didn't have any real materials to tie any of the flies that were recommended as beginners flies (Wooly Bugger, Black-nosed Dace, etc), I pilfered some stuff from my wife's craft supplies, found a long shank fishing hook and went to work on learning a few things.

    First off, this is the first thing I've ever tried to tie. I used some standard feathers, a strand of red yarn and some cuttings from some craft fur. I'd never fish it, just wanted to see what I could do. It's not pretty in the least, but I'm brave enough (or dumb enough) to share the unmitigated disaster with you guys.

    Be gentle....
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    Just hang on to that puppy forever. Though that is a great first tie, you will be amazed what you will be coming up with in a very short while!

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    Default Re: Don't laugh...

    Not bad for a first time. Keep with it. I think it will definitely catch fish....

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    Default Re: Don't laugh...

    Looks like a streamer to me. You will do well at this.

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    Man I have seen much worse first flies, thats not bad at all. I would hang on to it and not fish it, but I bet ya a dollar it woudl catch bass and crappie and probaly trout in the right place and time
    Keep at it you look like your gonna pick this up pretty fast

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    Like Jackster said, hang on to this one!
    You'll also be surprised at how many grand flytying materials are available in the craft stores! Some times, just by using the words "fly fishing/tying" will be enough to make the prices jump tremendously! Don't be afraid to experiment!

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    I've caught fish with a lot less. I agree that you'll do very well, excellent first try.

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    Here's a series of fly tying videos you might find helpful: YouTube - Learn Fly Tying Lesson 1 for Beginners with David Cammiss When you're first starting,
    it's much more helpful to see someone's actual hand motions. There are lots
    of tying lessons on YouTube, and other internet sites. Get a pack of marabou,
    bugger hackle, wire (I don't use it on buggers any longer), and some hooks.
    BUGGER CITY ! If you buy a 100 pack of Mustad #10 hooks, Whiting Bugger
    hackle pack, and a pack of marabou, you can 100 Wooly Buggers for $25.
    I didn't mention chenille because I don't use it. I simply tie in the marabou
    tail, and then wind the excess marabou up the hook shank for a body. It looks
    good, ties faster, eliminates a step in tying, and reduces wasted materials.

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    Default Re: Don't laugh...

    Looks good, I hope I do as well.

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    Sorry, I just couldn't help it.
    It's only that I remember MY first fly. How someone could screw up a SJ worm, is beyond reasoning, but I did it.
    Keep it in a case and label it. Name, and date. Don't chuck it. I wish I would have kept mine.
    I still don't tie because of it. That's why I have Joni.
    Life is not like a bowl of cherries. It's more like a jar of ghost peppers. What you eat today might burn your ass tomorrow...

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