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Thread: Turkey feathers

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    I was recently given a wild turkey fan, wings and beard. I'm coating some of the tail feathers with lacquer to make wings for hoppers and wing cases for nymphs. I've got alot of other feathers. Any suggestions on possible uses? Thanks,Frogge.

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    I have tied pheasent tail nymphs with turkey feathers and done pretty good with them. Also used turkey feathers for tailing and wings on wet flies for bluegill. The mloted ones make great wings on schualpin patterns. And pinchers for crawdad patterns.

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    What kind of laquer are you using ? I coat all of my turkey with a fixative(Krylon, etc.) or vinal cement so they are flexible. Using a hard drying laquer will not allow you to bend them or compress as in tieing in at head area..Be careful what you use..
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    I agree with Sandfly, if you used laquer then you can kiss them feathers good bye. I don't put anything on them. Doing muddler or wet fly wings I'd rather just have it without anything on it. Nymph wing case I'll coat it with flex cement after I've cut the slip away from the quill.

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