I've have minimal experience fishing hoppers, but it is all positive. I try to view flys from the standpoint of what is necessary and sometimes what is fun to tie. I know there are tons of hopper patterns and wanted to start a disscussion of what's your favorite and why. I've had most success with the Charlie Boy Hopper, Charlie's FlyBox - Metro Denver, Colorado's Best Fly Fishing Retailer (flyshop) with online Fly Tying Tutorials . I'm attracted to it partly because of its simplicity. I've started tieing some BC hoppers( also listed in the flybox index). This fly has to be good since it is designed by Charlie and Barr. It does seem a bit over the top. Several questions come to mind in tieing this pattern. 1, How much do the rear legs contribute? Several hopper patterns use very realistic rear legs. Seems to me the fish doesn't really "see" the fly from the side and thus these seem to matter more to the fisherman. I've modified the BC pattern by tieing 3 sililegs on each side, adding some super glue near the thorax to stiffen them so I can splay them away from the body. I don't knot them. 2, What is the function of the underwing. I must admit I like the look of the underwing, but can't see how it adds to the sillouete of the fly. 3. Does the flash add anything to the overwing?. Seems to me its not really going to be seen by the fish. 4. Any comments on bullet heads? I must admit I like the look of the bullet head and I like the "collar" it creates. Seems to me the collar does contribute to the outline of the fly from the bottom and therefore hopefully to its productivity. Finally I don't have very good vision and do like adding the "indicator" to the fly. So feel free to weigh in, especially people with more experience fishing these guys than I have. Toodles,Frogge.