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Thread: Fly Displays

  1. Fly Displays

    I have been working on this on for a little while and now I'm finished.I wanted to do some thing different so I came up with this, it's the side of a river or it's bottom.There are even some of the real thing in there.

    Edited to remove over sized photos. Please repost.

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    Great job... That looks great.. How long did it take you total. I've thought of doing something like that , or one of those coffee table displays but I just never started it.. You might have inspired me to go ahead & do it. You tie some nice flies, especially pic. # 8, a true mother nature inspired tie.

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    Thats pretty sweet looking

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    So here are the pic's resized this time.

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    Hi Fishn50
    It didn't take to long at all, I got the display case for one of the craft stores around here.The drift wood i got form one of the kids fishing camps that i helped out at last year (along with the rocks and sand).The fly's were the longest part it took about a week to get the flys tied the way i wanted(and in the process i ended up with a box of flys for next year).After that the whole thing went together in about a day.And thanks to everyone for there comments.

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    That is awesome, You really do a good job at tying flies. I hope to do half as well someday.

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    Very impressive to say the least!

    Do you use patterns from the Blades collection or are you familiar with them?


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    Tried to look up The Blades collection, Couldn't find anything.

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    Hi Hardyreels I'm not familiar with the blades collection,could you tell me where to find them.

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