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Thread: Dubbin wax

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    Hi Joni
    I use Hard as nails too & lately I've been using the stuff in the blue bottle, Hard as wraps, for a second coat & it drys quickly. Too quick to use on the first coat if you want it to penetrate. I keep those small tubes of crazy glue around to use on quills & other slippery stuff. The little tubes last a long time & you don't end up throwing a half bottle of hardened glue away.I 've used Water based polyurethane for head cement & it works. You can even put it on ypur thread & fingers & use it as wax.It can make a decent segmented body. I cut the tips of the brushes in the Sally Hanson stuff to a tapered point & either use that or I replace the brush with a sewing machine needle to apply the glue.

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    Question..... Wasn't dubbing wax first used on your fingers to help give them some 'bite' to help with dubbing?

    I honestly do not remember the last time I used wax on my thread. If needed I will just get enough wax on my finger tips to make them tacky and then use the friction created when rubbing my hands together vigorously to work it in.

    I also have some other stuff I use to moisten my hands, kind of a skin softner (used on diapers to help against skin rash) it really works well also.

    Any of you folks who still have a tube of 'Wonder Wax' need to cherish that stuff, never to be produced again. That stuff is the shiznit!!

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