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Thread: Tying table

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    Thank You, I have a walmart near me. I'll have to check it out.

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    I use a 6 dollar wood tv tray table that I bought on clearance sale. Hey don't laugh, it works. I don't have room for much, but I put most stuff in boxes beside the table. I have a feather box, fur box, synthetic box. Then I have an organizer that I put hooks, chenille, beads, and stuff like that in it. It will do for now. Your tying tables look great by the way. Love them.
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

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    That does sound like a very good idea.

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    Unfortunately i don't have a dedicated fly tying room-- so i tie on the dining room table with one of those portable tying stations. It's 21" wide by 16" deep.

    In addition to the tying station, I usually end up spreading out a bit more-- to 40" wide by 20" deep with the tying station in the middle. That way there's plenty of room to lay out the materials you're working with for whatever flies you're tying.

    One thing that really helps keep things organized and within reach is a Renzetti tool caddy- it a foam block with cut out holes for tools, with some larger ones sized for head cement bottles--- great to keep them from getting knocked over. They run 18-20 bucks or so. You should be able to find them in your local fly shop, or they can order them for you, but here's alink to get a look:
    Kaufmanns' Streamborn, Inc. | Renzetti Tool Caddy

    I keep fur and feathers in zip lock freezer bags inside sealable plastic rubbermaid type things to keep them bug free, and use a plastic grocery bag to catch snippings, looping one handle over the vise stem.


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    Thank you, That looks like a good investment. Getting a rubbermaid container with drawers and I think I found a good portable tying table. My class today got cancelled so I'm reading the Orvis guide to fly tying.

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    Bummer on the cancellation I know you were looking forward to it- I was just thinking of you when I saw your post and wondered why you weren't in class!!

    The drawers are a great way to keep things organized.


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    Home Despot has a good size shoe box for $1.00 ea with a snap on lid. They also have large black plastic 20 gal or so containers with snap on lids for #3.99. They are made by "Best" plastics. I was in there the other day & picked up a supply of them.

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