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    Hey Jimmie, congrats sounds like you're having a blast, and it's good to see you're doing your homework.

    It'll take a few flies to learn how much tension you can get away with and breaking thread is all part of the game at first.

    But if it keeps happening and you're using 6/0 thread, a couple things to check-

    make sure you don't have a rough edge or bur on the bobbin if it has a metal tube, or a crack in the tip if it's ceramic. They can fray thread.

    you can also adjust the arms of the bobbin by prying them apart just a bit (not too much) to give less tension on the spool of thread.

    What's on the menu for the other classes, do you know what other patterns you'll be covering?

    Good luck and have fun.


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    Default Re: Best type of fly for beginners

    On the menu peregrines
    Caddis larva; Pheasant Tail Nymph; Elk Hair Caddis (dry); Adams Dry Fly; Western Coachman.
    Our instructor is Don Leib. Another guy told me he's got some flies named after him. Jack Dennis gave a one day class here a few weeks ago for the advanced tyers.

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