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    Default Dr Slicks tool kit

    Was wondering if any one has heard of the Dr Slicks tool kit. Is this a good starter kit?

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    I don't have the kit but they make a great pair of scissors for about 10 bucks.
    Very good quality for the money.

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    Default Re: Dr Slicks tool kit

    Thats what I heard, Supposed to be a good starter kit.

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    Default Re: Dr Slicks tool kit

    All of Dr.'s Slick tools are quality..They will do the job well for a long time

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    Default Re: Dr Slicks tool kit

    I don't have a kit exactly. I have bought several of them to replace the cheesy tools that came with my Cabela's kit. They're all good stuff from what I can tell.

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    Default Re: Dr Slicks tool kit

    I've seen a few different Dr. Slick tool kits. All of their stuff is first rate, and
    buying in a kit seems to bring a slight discount. I bought a 3-piece scissor set
    a couple weeks ago, and the clear plastic box is meant to function as a fly
    box (complete with rippled foam insert).

    EDIT: This kit looks dandy: CLICK

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    I got the Dr. Slicks bamboo tyer's tool set for Christmas, similar to the set Frank referenced above. The tools seems to be good quality, however, this is my first set of fly tying tools and I'm as new to tying as you can get, so I don't have a good personal reference. That being said, I'm perfectly happy with the set. The discussions/reviews for the Dr. Slick tools are generally positive, some people have other preferences based on their own experiences, but that's always going to be the case with anything...


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    Default Re: Dr Slicks tool kit

    I have a bodkin from Dr. Slick, and a pair of scissors. Top notch. I love them. I will buy more scissors from them in the future. Very sharp. Can't beat it for the price, and quality combined.
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

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    i have the same kit. its great and has every thing you will need for now. you might want to get a smaller or bigger hair stacker. Scissors with a smaller tip for small flies, rotating hackle pliers and more bobbins so you don't have to keep changing thread all the time.(trust me thats a pain.)

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