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Thread: A Pair Of Boxes

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    Default A Pair Of Boxes

    Since I posted the wallets, here are a few boxes....................

    Attachment 1771Attachment 1772Click thumbnails to enlarge;

    These are plain Wheatley clip boxes full of salmon candy, I've been working on these for the past couple weeks and they are done. Now I need to tie some inventory for replacement of lost members.

    The box that has the bright bunny fur comet's is the King salmon gear. If I can get one of those in front of a bright fish they slam them.

    The box with all the fancy stuff is primarily steelhead and silver salmon gear. Silvers / Coho will nail the big bunny comet's also but if you can get them to take the classic stuff it's pretty rewarding. I also use Whitlock Sculpins for silvers with good results. The steelies usually demand something a little more refined than a big pink bunny fur comet. It would be a perfect world if they would slam them the way kings do.

    Attachment 1773Click to enlarge;
    This is a Perrine #100 box (circa 1980) and another unmarked six compartment aluminum box circa 1950. I've been using the old six compartment for egg imitations and honey bugs since I got it. It is only a half inch thick and is made of aluminum, if you know who made these neat little boxes please let me know. Thanks,

    What do you use? Post a picture if you have time.

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    Nice. That's some awesome stuff....
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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    Default Re: A Pair Of Boxes

    Thanks Axe, I'm glad to have them filled. I tie slowly so tying 100 flies of combined types tuckers me out. Now I'll make one now and then just for fun.

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