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Thread: trailing hooks

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    Does anyone have any tips for attatching a trailer hook?
    What kind of hook?
    What kind of line?
    What kind of knots? ...ect....
    I've tried a couple of times but have failed. Any pics would be great!
    Please help

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    Chucko, I do attach trailing hooks when tying woolly buggers.
    A short shank hook with a wide gap is my choice like a TMC 2487 size 10 or 12. I have tried several methods of attachment. My preferred method is to attach a short piece of leader material(size depends on the trailing hook eye size)to the trailing hook eye as a loop. On my main fly I again use the same size leader attached to the shank by wrapping with thread, then folding the leader back and wrapping back over it. This trailing leader is looped also. So the connection is a loop to loop. I like this method because it gives a lot of movement to the trailing hook which I dress just like the main fly. Sorry I have no pictures. Hope this explanation has some clarity.


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    First lay down the base thread on the hook in front.

    Then apply alot of superglue.

    Then take a length of line and lay it on the superglue, run it through the eyelet of the trailing hook, then double that back and lay the remainder of the line back on the superglue.

    Wrap thread around the line on the lead hook.

    For line to attach trailing hooks, i like 30 pound spiderwire in 6 pound diameter.

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    Rusty and Skibum, Thanks for both of your advise! they both work great! Here are some sample pics. Does it look correct?
    Note... the finished fly and how the two hooks spin. Any ideas on how to stop this from happening?
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Having a layer of thread down before you try to attach the line prevents the trailing hook from falling off, same as superglue, both are pretty important, although having thread down first is probably more important, and it looks from your picture that you dont have that. It is easier for the line to slip out when it is laying against the metal of the hook.

    Also, i dont know if it is overkill, but I double the fishing line back again on the lead(as in leading, not as in the metal) hook, so that the line is overlapping in both directions, but i dont double the line back, until i cover the first layer of line with thread.

    I dont usually tie trailing wooly buggers that far back from the lead. That could possibly be the cause of your "spin". If you want that long of fly maybe use a 2/0 long salmon hook in the front.

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