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    I found some great tying material in another department at the store yesterday. This is what I came up with. What do ya think?
    Have'nt tried to fish with them yet. but I think it looks cool!
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    What is that Chucko? sorta looks like spinner bait skirting.

  3. Default Re: new tying material

    I really like that. It looks like a jig.

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    ya what is that stuff? looks like lots of barred rubber legs or the back skirting off a jig or something
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    Yep Thats exactly what it is. Apparently Booyah has spinnerbait skirts you can change. I just cut it in front of the rubberband, and push my hook through the middle. Then with lots of strands in front of the rubberband I tie it off with lots of thread and uv glue.You could use rattles, spinners, whatever! Do ya think they need eyes?

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    Great flies, bass ought to eat 'em up. Eyes woudl look good one them, make them look more like a shad or small gill.
    Did you add weight to them for fishing deeper?

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    Fishinbear, Well this stuff is really light weight, but it sinks pretty fast, without any x-tra weight. It's new to me so I'm still experimenting with it.
    My next fly will be with a rattle, although I don't know how to tie one on.(Any hints from anyone?) Then I'll post more pics! With eyes!

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    They make "fly rattles" I think Cabelas has them, I have used the plaistic ones that you add to bass jigs, I cut any x-tra stuff off if there is any, like holes on the end to slide over a hook, then wrap it on the hook shank with heavy thread and zap-a-gap it. After that has dried I wrap a chennile bodey over it. The rubber does sink on its own, but at times bass hit better on a reaction bite a bait moveing or droping fast, they arent really hungry but when something moves fast clsoe to them they just cant help but hit at it. When I am fishing conventional gear I always play with diffrent weights on plastic baits and jigs, for an ideal, last nov I was fishing on my lake three days in a row, day one I caught most of my bass on a 1/4 ounce jig around docs and the 3rd day a 1/2 ounce worked better. On day two I couldnt catch one on a jig but they hit a bomber crankbait allday long, ya just never know lol

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