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Thread: Which Vise?

  1. Default Which Vise?

    I am sure this has been asked a million times but what is a good moderately(I am only 15) priced vise? I have had the same one from my tying kit and its not very good, it holds a hook but I would like to up grade.

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    Default Re: Which Vise?

    I just got the Dan-Vise. Reviews said it was the one to get for under a $100. Google it for a little comparison shopping and you can beat that price quite a bit.

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    Some seem to like the Dan-Vise. I have never tried it so I can't give my opinion on it. The one I use is the Peak Vise. You can see what I have to say about it here, but I will write more below:

    Personally I really enjoy tying with the vise and if you were to get it from Thorne's it would be around 127 or so US with free shipping, it's something like 158 Canadian. Like I say I really enjoy it and it is solid and has the ability to accessorize so it can be very versatile as well it comes with a lifetime guarantee. I believe you get a lot of vise for the price you could say. In the end it will depend on how much you can afford and what is best for you. I guarantee you will enjoy tying more with this vise then the ones you get with a kit, trust me I have had a few crappy vises and as soon as I got this I couldn't believe how much more I enjoyed tying.

    So maybe check out the Dan-Vise and the Peak and go from there, check out the link for a couple of other links to other sites that might help. Hope you find what your looking for.


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    Default Re: Which Vise?


    So what kind of stuff have you been tying?

    This is a good article on different vise designs:
    Fly Fishing Gear, Fly Tying Vises - MidCurrent

    And this is a review from 2006 of different vises:
    Selecting the best fly-tying vise, by Hans Weilenmann and Bruce Salzburg

    For under 100, you could go with the Danvise lists for 80 but you can find it for 65 if you shop around. It's a "true rotary" vise, and a very good value if you are interested in rotary tying techniques (spinning the jaws to wrap thread etc). You can also tie on "true rotaries" the conventional way, by wrapping material by hand. It comes with a DVD to show you how to set it up and use it. I think it only comes as a c-clamp, with base extra. The stem is an odd size (metric), so you have to get a special base to fit it.

    Also under 100, you might want to take a look at the HMH Silhouette. It retails for arounf 90, but you can also find it for less. It's a "360 rotary" that lets you spin the jaws to view the fly from all sides, but because the hook shank doesn't rotate in a constant plane, you can't tie using "rotary tying" techniques. It is an excellent, basic vise, with excellent jaws, and the rotary feature is nice feature to have. It holds hooks from the 20's up to 2/0. This model doesn't allow changing jaws if you need to tie larger.

    The Peak is also an excellent vise, retails for 150, but again you can find it for less. At 127 that would be an excellent price. It is also a "true rotary" vise. It holds hooks from 20's to size 2 with the standard jaws and SW jaws are available for bigger hooks.

    There are lots of other choices, but I think either one of those 3 would be great for you.


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    Default Re: Which Vise?

    I also agree that it depends on what you plan on tying. If you're going to be tying more bass and saltwater flies- go with a DanVise. If you expect to be tying more small trout flies, one of these would likely be best- Renzetti

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    I really like that Renzetti. I will look into that.

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    I dontt think I will be able to get one for a while especially since trap league price has gone up. I dont even think its worth it know but I love doing it and I would hate to stop.

    I also like that Anvil Apex. If it was between the Renzetti and Anvil which one would be better?

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    Default Re: Which Vise?

    Based on this review- Anvil Apex Fly Tying Vise Review i'd probably also go with the anvil. That said, I have used Renzetti vises and liked them and have no personal experience with Anvil.

    I think the Renzetti has some aluminum while the Anvil is all stainless. Steel is harder and less likely to crack.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: Which Vise?

    I have the Anvil Atlas -- but tried out Apex -- for my money, Apex is hands down better than Renzetti -- much better bang for buck
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