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  1. Re: How many boxes of flies ??

    I like the Scientific Angler boxes with the clear plastic so you can see what is in the box you have pulled out of your vest prior to opening it. I carry 2 of these for nymphs & 2 for drys. I also carry a 5th box for streamers. Need more pockets!

  2. Default Re: How many boxes of flies ??

    3 Wheatley boxes.

    1 small metal box w/ clasps for nymphs and wets

    1 medium sized black metal box w/ foam for small dries and small terrestrials

    1 large green painted box w/ one side of clasps for streamers and one side of individual compartments for large dries and large terrestrials.

    Probably about 175 flies all together.

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    3) salt water
    1) South Platte
    1) Small Streams
    2) Lake boxes
    1) Arkansas River
    1) The one I pray I never loose, small nymphs and drys box that I take every where when I fish fresh water. I have probably 150 flies in it.

    They all have my name and phone number just in case I loose one and a honest person finds it.

    Give a man a fish, he will have dinner. Teach a man to fish and he will be late for dinner. Quote by Someone. *L*

  4. Default Re: How many boxes of flies ??

    While fishing off a bridge on my lunch break on Tuesday I leaned over and my favorite Wheatley box (the one with all the little individual spring-loaded compartments) fell out of my pocket and into the river.

    This bridge is on a fairly busy road and I resolved my situation by stripping down to boxer shorts and taking the plunge. I picked the box up off the bottom of the river and fished another 10 minutes while my boxers air-dried, in which time I caught a nice 7-8 inch rainbow!

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