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  1. Default Clouser Cripple Minnow

    Does anyone know how to tie this fly? I'm referring to the surface minnow not the deep minnow.



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    Default Re: Clouser Cripple Minnow

    The Crippled Minnow is just about my favorite bass fly.
    I learned to tie it myself from a photo in a magazine but it's not long as you know how to stack hair anyways.

    It's got a marabou tail.. two colors, tied full
    Then wrap on a light colored yarn body
    (now the hard part)
    You need to stack deer hair for the collar, similar to what you'd do for a Dahlberg Diver, but fuller and longer.
    Then spin on hair for the remainder of the head (face) and trim to shape.

    The purpose of the collar is not to make the bug dive like the Dahlberg.
    The Crippled Minnow is designed to float on the large collar, nose up, while the marabou tail wiggles seductively under water
    Killer fly.

    I hope you can picture this, if not I'm pretty sure it's in Bob's book Clouser's Flies
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    Default Re: Clouser Cripple Minnow

    this is the one you want...
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    wow I love clousers! never seen anything like that tho! a floating one. actually now that I think about it, it might have been in the bob clouser fly fishing for smallmouth book
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    Default Re: Clouser Cripple Minnow

    I was tying some big Muddler Minnows a few years ago, and decided to add
    a marabou tail with two colors...I thought I invented something new !

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    Default Re: Clouser Cripple Minnow

    Frank, ya your right...the cripple minnow is much like a Muddler.

    HEY McFLY...hey man, there is a book out there all about tying Clouser flies.

    Ya the cripple minnow is more or less just spunn buck hair around and around and around. The bigg diff is the maraboo on the back vs. the fine fair and flash that most muddlers have. Though the book shows that the cripple has a much bigger head, their the samething when you get down to it. I usually ty them on a 1/0 - 2/0 hook, but have gone as small as a size 4. Its all in how much hair you want and how much of a poof you want in the back. Getting the right amount of hair to stack, pack, and ty back is the hardest part of the fly.
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