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Thread: Bunny Leeches

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    I purchased a few bunny leeches a couple years ago in various colors to use while walleye fishing in Colorado but have never used them.
    Does anyone have any experience/expertise with these...including the popular colors and proper presentations?

    Thanks in advance...


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    i tied up a few bunny leeches a few years ago for my first foray into bass (LMB) fishing in a large pond system. i don't usually tie flies but these were so simple.... and worked wonderfully. caught about a dozen LMB about this big (holding out hands). i just swung the fly out as far as i could while lounging in my float tube, (10 ft sink tip line, 7wt rod and line) counted a bit, then started reeling in. stop and go reeling system. lifting tip here and there. i tied mine in both all black or all purple, barbell eyes.

    i have no experience with walleye.

    fresno, ca.

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    bunny leeches work great! get upstream a lil from where ya wanna fish. cast across the river and let it swing downstream of you to your target area. once it starts to straighten out start stripping it in. have caught bass and gills and carp and steelhead this way. can use this method on buggers and clousers and others too. also a bunny leech is by far one of the easiest flies to tie up. just use a lil zonker rabbit strip for the tail and then tie in some more and wrap it up the hook shank. use a cone or beadhead to get it down. thats about it. can also add some flash into um! I make um in black, olive and white.
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    great for walleye's fished deep along bottom..
    sandfly/ bob
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    Ezamora, GeorgeMcFly and Sandfly...

    Thanks for the comments.

    Since I now live in North Dakota, and given that I fish almost exclusively with a flyrod...this information will help.

    Thanks again...

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