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Thread: too much weight

  1. Default too much weight

    first off i'm very new to fly tying, and new enough to fly fishing to be considered clueless!

    the fly below is a little creation of mine. when i first went fishing with it, my first cast with it went perfectly, but once it got wet i had problems throwing it (i have a 5wt cabela's genesis combo)! at first i just thought the eyes were to heavy so i went out, got some red eyes(the weight on my silver set said medium, so i just got small this time). today i went out with a black w/ red version of the fly, and once more after my first cast i felt no control over my rod!

    so i figure i need to get rid of the eyes for sure, but what do i do to make it so i have enough weight for it to sink, but not too much for rod control purposes.

    i've caught one bass on this, and two on the red(only been fishing with each one once) for those who are wondering

    also if anybody has tips to make my deer hair cutting skills a little sharper (no pun intended) that would be great!

    thanks in advance,

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    I found that I was having the same problem. You could 1)shorten up your leader. 2)Buy an extra spool for your reel and line it with something like Rio Streamer Tip line for chuck'n and duck'n type flies. 3) Depending on what weight rod your using, you may want to go up a size and some people say that a faster action rod will help as well. Hope that this gets you started.

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    Can't tell from the photo the exact size of the fly, but I'd estimate that an 8 wt. would be a lot closer to the rig you'd want/need to cast your creation. The more weight a fly has (and you always have to take into account the water your fly will absorb) and the more wind resistant, the heavier the line/rod you will need to cast it well.
    If you're using a 5 wt., my suggestion would be to keep your flies no more than 2" long unless tied very sparse or with a material that won't hold water (in which case it probably won't sink very well, either).
    The fly looks good, though - keep it up!


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    It's hard to tell the weight & size of the fly from your photo but in general a 5 wt is on the light side for bass. Anyway try to open up your casting stroke & wait for your backcast to straighten out before the fwd cast. It will help to keep the tip in a straight line rather than let it arc. Your problem might be when you pick it up from the water. You might be flexing the rod too much & overpowering it & then rushing the fwd cast.
    When you make a spun deer hair body or head, the tighter you pack the wraps together the easier it will be to trim. I make sure I pack the individual bunches together tightly & I trim it with a double edge razor with tape on the ends.It works well if you use a slight sawing motion. try it but be careful. they are very sharp. I have a pair of serrated jaw scissors that I use for hair only, & I use these for the final trimming..
    Good Luck

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    Hi MikeyBob365,

    OK, here is the problem. Too large of a fly or too light of a rod. Make the fly smaller or get a heaver wt rod. I am not saying the rod has to be heavy. I am saying the rod line rating has to be heavier like an 8wt instead of a 5wt.

    Here are a couple of things to try. Shorten the line your are casting. It will make the fly easier to control. You may have to double haul to keep your line speed up. You don't say what rod you are using. But it may have too soft of an action to cast such big flies well.


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    To echo everyone else, I am thinking at LEAST a 6 weight for Bass.
    But, with what you have I have a few suggestions.
    1st. Get a sinking line. Then you don't need to weight the fly at all, and sinking line is a smaller diameter so MUCH easier to cast to me.
    2nd. Slow you cast way down to open the loop and slightly to the side.
    3rd. I have said this before and it does work. Try using unweighted eyes (chain) and if you need the weight ...try MUD!

    Or you could go buy another rod, but this is my suggestions for what you already have. It is always easy to spend someone else's money..LOL

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    i haven't read any replies since last night, and the good news is i bought an 8wt rod at the flea market today! haha

    i threw it a lil, it feels so heavy to begin with! but no troubles casting!

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    Well, now try to balance it out with the right reel and you will be good to go!
    Love them flea markets! What did you get?

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    first you should shorten your leader but i have a 5wt and use a fly just like this for pike and trout. at first it was hard to cast but the more i started to cast the better and better i got at it

    (practice with it)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joni View Post
    Well, now try to balance it out with the right reel and you will be good to go!
    Love them flea markets! What did you get?
    i got a reel, 8 wt line, and the pole all for forty! the guy recognized me shopping from him before so he added a lil extra discount, it would've been either 55 or 60! i haggled to 45, and he said, "hell, you've listened to my fishing advice about rebecca's creek, and i've seen ya in here before, 40 will do brother."

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