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    Default Thoughts on Regal Revolution?

    I own and use Regal Medallion traditional (c-clamp). Overall it's a *great* vise. What I like best is how I can rest my left hand (tying RHanded) on angled head (very comfy). The stand bar, head, etc. surfaces all are rounded, smooth, and feel good to the hand. I also occasionally adjust it to horizontal where it becomes a rotary vise, and really only lacks the quick-spin feature of other rotaries. But pretty easy to rotate to work on bottom of hook (e.g. tying clousers) or even to help wind material.

    So, I started looking at all the other competitors, and the one thing that puts me off, is the zig-zag angle of most rotary vise heads. And of course, the fact that for 'regular' tying, the are not as comfortable for resting LH. That's not meant as a slam of other vises and I realize that vises are like many things - very personal.

    My question then is for those that have transitioned from a 'regular' Regal (or other vise) to a Regal Rotary, what pros and cons would you offer? It seems like I could still use it as I do my non-rotary, but would have option of setting it up for quick-spin. I'll admit the head looks clunky to me (with the balance weight etc), but otherwise it looks pretty familiar.


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    Default Re: Thoughts on Regal Revolution?

    I have a Revolution with the Big Game head and absolutely love it. I use the rotary function quite a bit and getting better with it every time I tie. Rotary isn't going to make me a better tyer , maybe a little faster but for me it certainly adds to my enjoyment. The only complaint if I had to dig for one is sometimes I have to tighten the head locking screw if I've been tying for a few hours and using the rotaryfeature a lot but that is not all the time either..

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    Default Re: Thoughts on Regal Revolution?

    The Stonfo Kaiman is a rotary vise that does not have the zig-zag head. It also uses the squeeze and grip hook holding technology. It is a very nice vise.

    (formerly Brook Rookie)

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