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Thread: how will it hold up

  1. Default how will it hold up

    my attempt at a frog... i only had room for two sides before i realized i didn't have enough room for anything, and i also need to make the amount of deer hair i put on thicker so i can give it the rounded shape i guess... so how do you think the shape will hold up? and do you think it'll be effective? also i should glue the eyes on right? i just placed them on with the sticker for a general look.

    also any hints and tips?
    thanks in advance


    Mikey, sorry but I had to remove your pictures. They were pushing the Portal Page off of the computer screen. Please resize the photos and post them below.


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    I like the eyes. That frog is definatly going to push some water which is good. I can see bass attacking that frog with no hesitation. If I were you I would make the face of the fly smaller. Make it not so big and round. Trim it a little more. Other than that it looks good to me. Lots of leg action on him too! Now we just need to see pics of fish you catch with your frog! Are you planning to catch bass with it?

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    Default Re: how will it hold up


    Pretty cool, looks like 1/2 frog and 1/2 owl!

    Here's a step by step, (and also a link with a windows media player vid) on tying a Taps Bug, using a tail of bucktail, and spun deer body hair. It's a pretty easy one to make, and will teach you how to work with hair. After you tie a few, add some rubber legs between the clumps

    Spinning hair can be a little tricky. Some tips: Use strong thread, like 3/0 at least, I like Danvilles Flat Waxed Nylon, it's even stronger.

    Put the deer hair on a clump at a time. Keep them the diameter of a pencil or a little thinner, and spin them over bare metal (not over a thread base). Take a three loose wraps or so, then pull up on the bobbin to spin the hair.

    Once you've spun a clump take a couple wraps in front and pack it tight, using your fingers (watch you don't get stuck on the hook point), or use an empty pen, like a Bic, to pack the hair tight (the back end of a Bic Pen will get over the hook eye so you can pack the hair tight.) If you want you can add a pair of rubber legs before you put on the next bunch of hair.

    Keep adding more clumps, packing tight after each one.

    Once you've got the hook covered up to the eye, tie off and trim to whatever shape you want. I like to trim the bottom close to the shank so you can get good hook sets by keeping the gap open, just be careful you don't cut too close and cut the thread. Trim a little at a time.

    To put eyes on, cut a little socket with the tips of your scissors, or burn a socket with a the head of a nail heated up over a candle. Once it's cool add some CA glue (like Super Glue or Zap A Gap) to the back of the plastic eye and squeeze it to hold it in place. I'd put the eyes on the side of the bug instead of the front.

    Good luck.


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    sorry frank, i have a 24" mac so the large photos don't effect me! but i know when we had the smaller one it droze me crazy scrolling all over the place, my apologies!

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    Default Re: how will it hold up

    Trim it alot more. Casting that thing is a recipe for frustration. Its going to go every direction besides where you want it to land, and will likely twist your leader beyond use with just a little bit of casting.

    Something with a head shaped like this will be MUCH easier to cast

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: how will it hold up

    Hey MikeyBob, no problem. Thanks for re-posting them.


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    What a total hoot!! The fish have a huge curiosity, and I can see that fly working well!!!

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