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Thread: most unusual

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    ok, I got my first fly tying kit for Christmas and after 3 days of tying I can already say that its something im going to keep doing. I know at one point ill start experimenting using hair from various parts of my body as well as finger/toe nails.

    my question is, what’s the most unusual thing you have used in a fly? baby’s first hair cut hair, your own hair, family pet parts, road kill, etc?

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    I haven't gone to far out of the ordinary, just feathers from birds that were dead/shot during hunting expeditions. Some people use pet hair and i've heard of people getting bags of hair from barber shops and using it. There are even some famous patterns that the creator used their pets own hair.. kinda hard to replicate 60 years later when that same cocker spaniel just isn't around.. I mean yours might work fine but it just wont have the exact same properties as the original creators pet, oh well.

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    I will find the fly and post a picture of it but it'll take a while to hunt it up. I always pick up litter when I'm walking along a creek and when I was emptying out the trash about 20 or more years ago I saved some things and tied up a fly.

    Body: I used a stripped filter from a cigarette
    Ribbing: Strips of cellophane from a Marlboro package
    Wing: Strips of red & white paper and some foil from the Marlboro package
    Collar; Red hackle

    Called the fly the Marlboro and kept it stuck on a piece of a Styrofoam coffee cup on top my tying desk for a very long time.

    Then there was the 'Coffeecuppious nymph'........... You can probably guess what I used on that.


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    a fly made from your toenails or hair from down there would be kinda disturbing. That thought has never even crossed my mind and I can't even think of a pattern where toenails would be a welcome addition.

    Probably the most "out-of-the-box" thing I used was a condom to tie up a worm pattern.

    Some time ago, I seen a fly someone had put on the internet that used rabbit poop.

    I don't keep hunt or road kill too much anymore as I have too much other tying material to risk contamination. What I do have sees freezer/microwave time or is properly tanned. My wife just reminded me that I still have a crow in the freezer.

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    now thats what im talking about Hardyreels, found goods. did you ever fish that fly? id love to see pics of it.

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    Rubber bands for nymph bodies, stripped cigarette filters and housecat underfur for dubbing, all manner of found feathers, Christmas tree mylar and stripped electrical wiring for ribbing, foam earplugs for popper bodies...

    Only thing I can imagine using fingernail clippings for would be as a replacement for goose biots. MUCH easier to buy biots at arts and crafts stores for little of nothing and nowhere nearly so disturbing.

    Ard, I'd love to see The Marlboro, too!
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    My wife had a cat that looked just like the "Morris" from the cat food commercials, his underfur was perfect for the thorax on my sulphers.. My yellow lab Maggie provided me with winging material for some Hex patterns...

    Then there's the usual supply of feathers and fur from game taken during hunting season.


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    Default Re: most unusual

    Back in the '50s Tap Tapley, columnist (Tap's Tips) for Field & Stream had a fly with milkweed fibers as the under wing. He called it poor man's polar bear.

    I regularly have my eye out for good mylar potato chip bags.
    I cut out tear drop shaped pieces with contrasting colors that (hopefully) look eyes and use them on my saltwater streamers. Somewhat like you'd use junglecock nails.
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    I use the thin foam that protects new laptop computer screens for may fly wings, electo static free bags that computer hardware comes in for scud backs and wing cases, buffalo fur from a blond colored buffalo a friend gave me for GRHE (very course and buggy), and lead from wine bottle cork covers for weight on Woolly Buggers.

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    Default Re: most unusual

    Mylar from chip/candy wrappers and bags for bodies and ribbing
    Kevlar envelopes from USPS/FedEx for wings on Prince Nymphs/Steelhead flies
    Latex balloons for scud bodies and over bodies
    Xmas light cords stripped for wire to use for ribbing
    Xmas tinsel for ribbing and wing material on streamers
    Balsa wood pieces on monofilament for ant and bee bodies (McMurray's)
    Strips cut from aluminum beer cans for ribbing
    Organza fabric for upright wings and parachute posts on dry flies
    Ultrafine glitter (pixie dust) for shimmer on streamer heads
    Carpet lint from my 4Runner for dubbing
    Lead from capsules on wine bottles for underbody weight on wets and nymphs

    ...nothing special...
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