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    Default My first clousers

    [IMG][/IMG]I have recently just started tying my own flies. I started off with a wolly bugger and now onto the clouser minnow. This is the best one so far. Any advice or comments are welcome as i am always trying to get better.


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    Default Re: My first clousers

    Hard to tell a little from the photo. Your bucktail is flaring on you. Use the top two thirds of the tail. The bottom third will flare on you. I would not use quite that much material. For just starting out, they look really good. Keep it up. I always use Sally's Hard As Nails for covering the threads. I couldn't tell if you used head cement or not. Overall you did a fine job.
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    Default Re: My first clousers

    Looks good for first Clousers. Keep in mind the barbell eyes flip the hook point up so the material that you have tied in the bottom (in the picture) will represent the top of a bait fish. You may want the length balanced with what you tied on top. Another trick is to take it out of the vise until you center the material over the hook bend.
    Good job.

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    Default Re: My first clousers

    I would say tie with a little less material but overall very good looking and should fish well.

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    Default Re: My first clousers

    Lefty says that the material on a Clouser (proper name, capital C) deep minnow "should be no more than the thickness of a barn burner match"

    I tie mine with all the material tied in below the shank. Bucktail tied in on top will quickly wear off if the fly drags through sand and gravel. Not true to the original recipe, it just works better for me.
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    Default Re: My first clousers

    Hi pie314,

    A good attempt for your first Clousers. There are two distinct features of the Clouser Minnow.

    1. The profile is narrow like a bait fish.

    2. The flash along the sides goes all the way to the end and is the longest part of the fly.

    Take a look at the photo below and you will see both of these features in his Clouser Minnow. Also note there is no flaring of the top or bottom.


    Clouser Original Minnow from his site.

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    Default Re: My first clousers

    Thanks for the tips guys. Im having a tough time working with the buck tail. Not sure if i got a bad piece or if i just need to stick more towards the tip when selecting pieces. Now i can see that im using too much material.

    Frank, I was tought to only tye 2 pieces of flash in between the top and bottom pieces of bucktail. Should i use more? Also, should i tye the flash in on both "sides" of the fly, or just one bigger piece in between the top and bottom pieces of bucktail?


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    Default Re: My first clousers

    Quote Originally Posted by kelkay View Post
    Hard to tell a little from the photo. Your bucktail is flaring on you. Use the top two thirds of the tail. The bottom third will flare on you.
    One thing I like to do that makes this very easy is to break the top 1/3-1/2 off of a bucktail when I first start using it. Fold it back and forth a few times and it should break or tear off fairly easily. That allows you easy access to where the hairs attach to the hide and its easier to work your way up that way.

    It also allows you to keep many colors of bucktail handy in a smaller storage space and keep the remainder of each tail elsewhere as "back-stock".

    Use the pic Frank posted as your model for proportions. Thats the original and most productive.

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    Default Re: My first clousers

    these are one of my fav flies. I tie a lot of them from. I use size 8 up to 5/0 hooks. I drop just about any material that you could find on them. From panfish to pike I do very well with them. I like urz, only I find such work great for pan fish (on a small hook). If you are interested their is a how to book by Clouser himself. I got it and have picked up a lot of little things Im bringing over to other flies. Lastly one little tip. If your using deer body hair your going to get a spread out look. Also knows as spinning hair, the hallow shafts dont work as well. If your using nothing but tail hair it will lie better on the hook. I often times will tie back a little ways to give it that narrower look.
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    Default Re: My first clousers

    Hmmmm....While bucktail won't spin, it will flair if too much tension is applied at the tip end. I tie in the buck tail tightly at the butt ends, and then wrap more loosely as I move toward the tips. Once you've wrapped your thread toward the tips of the hair, you can begin to tighten the wraps as you move back toward the hook eye.

    Here's a video of Bob himself tying a Clouser:
    [ame=]YouTube - BOD CLOUSER - MINNOW 2[/ame]

    Note the small amount of thread tension he uses behind the dumbell eyes. I use beadchain eyes on my Clousers, and fish them mostly for smallmouth. I use very little hair compared to some other Clousers I've seen, and Bob once told me that if he tied the Clousers he sells in the store as sparse as those he ties for his own fishing, they'd never sell. I use about 4-6 strands of gold or rainbow flashabou, doubled over when tied in. In the video, Bob uses epoxy to secure the eyes and bucktail, but minve stay together well enough for the 12-16" smallmouth I catch.

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