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    Default Eye Stickers and the best way to stick them

    So I ran to the local BassPro up here and picked up some more fly tying materials. I grabbed some eye stickers to try out.

    On my first attempt at using them, I was sticking them directly to thread. I then gooped Hard as Nails over the whole thing. After it all dried, the eyes still looked a bit loose.

    Does anyone have tips on using these eyes that would produce better results? Crazy Glue? Epoxy?

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    Default Re: Eye Stickers and the best way to stick them

    I make sure the head of the fly I'm tying is large enough, usually by using 210 denier flat thread. then I apply the eyes. THEN I epoxy the whole head. You need to be sure to keep the head rotating somehow (I have a power wheel) so the epoxy doesn't all sag down.
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    example of some of my pike flys with epoxy head and stick on eyes:
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    Default Re: Eye Stickers and the best way to stick them

    In addition to getting the right size, you might also want to try these two tips

    1. put a slight bend in your eyes---

    The cross section profile of the thread head on your fly is round, but the eyes coming off the mylar sheet are flat--- so when you put them on the head, there will be ridges on top and bottom where the decal comes off the thread.

    If you give each eye a pinch between thumb and forefinger you can give the decals a slight bend--- not enough to put a crease in them, but so that they'll conform to the rounded shape of the head leaving less of a ridge on top and bottom. (You can also bend them around the needle of your bodkin before putting them on the head.)

    After you have them in place, you'll want to put several thin coats of head cement (I use Sally Hansens's Hard As Nails), epoxy or whatever for a smooth head. (Several thin coats are better than one thick gloppy one.) As "gt" mentioned, you'll want to make sure that the the stuff doesn't settle and sag while curing, so you'll want to turn it in a rotary vise if you have one or by hand if necessary or on a wheel (motorized or hand turned) of some sort if you want to do more than one fly at a time.

    2. If you try a few and they still don't look right, another thing you can do after putting the eyes on the head, is to cover the eyes with a few wraps of monofilament tying thread. This will definitely keep them in place. When you coat the head with epoxy or head cement the mono thread wraps will disappear.

    Some of the new stuff like Bug Bond, Tuffleye and Clear Cure Goo that are "epoxy like" resins use a UV light to cure set up instantly making the turning part unnecessary, but there is considerable "start up" expense involved in getting the special wavelength light (but this cost is offset by eliminating the need for a fly turner.)

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    Default Re: Eye Stickers and the best way to stick them

    Some eye stickers go on nicely directly to the thread, then you can coat them with whatever you want. For the ones that won't stick good...I like to use something like a bead of Fletch Tite, and then stick the sticker on with a bodkin. I place the eye on the tip of the bodkin, then I set the eye where I want it. Then I gently ease out the bodkin. I have used the mono thread, but I prefer a glue if something else has to be done to secure the eye.
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    Default Re: Eye Stickers and the best way to stick them

    Best way to use the flat ones is by first adding a nice amount of epoxy or epoxy like stuff to the head of the fly. let dry then add a little for a coating to hold the eye in place. if find that the flat eyes dont work as well unless u have a solid to put them on, thus the epoxy. I use the 3D eyes insted. I like how they look better and I can put them almost anyplace since they are already on a hard backing. then I put a little epoxy to hold it in place. one thing you can try is to find a dental tool for placeing the eyes. the small point allows for fair inserting.
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