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View Poll Results: Which Type of Streamer do You Prefer to Tie?

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  • Hairwings

    10 35.71%
  • Featherwings

    5 17.86%
  • Crossovers

    3 10.71%
  • I Don't Have a Preferance

    10 35.71%
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Thread: Which One....

  1. Default Which One....

    Do you like to tie, featherwings, hairwings, or hybrids,(squirrle spruce or any pattern containing both hair and feathers),? I prefer hairwings, mostly because I can tie decent ones, as oppose to the other two...
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    Default Re: Which One....


    You should have an all of the above choice. I enjoy tying all of them and dry flies, nymphs, you name it, where I live I have a need for wet flies mostly so I tie streamers and big wets for salmon and trout / steelhead. When I lived in the Mid Atlantic I tied Atlantic salmon flies with married wings but I lived in Pennsylvania and only fished salmon once a year so I didn't need as many as I do here. I tie about a hundred every year and for my salmon and steelhead wets I use mostly hair for the wings. I am however going to begin tying married wing patterns again just to stay in shape at it. I'll post a few when I turn them out,


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    I tie a lot with just bucktail, but also tie a lot of flat wings for SW with a bit of both bucktail and long saddles in the wing.


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    Default Re: Which One....

    Being a beginner I've got to phyc up and force myself to tie an upright feather wing so I voted hairwing. Hope to get over that someday. Sure is enjoyable to look at an Adams that I know I tied.

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    I like to tie feather wings but would rather fish the hairwing.

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    I don't have a preference over either one because I can tie all of them pretty well, and I use the same amount of them when fishing

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