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Thread: On-line fly shop

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    Default On-line fly shop

    Im looking for some good on line fly shops other then cabelas or bass pro shops. im looking for EP fibers mostly but other things as well. If you got a site that is easy to work with and repitable let me know thanks.
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    Try FeatherCraft ( I don't use their website as they're local for me, but they are some good folks.

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    Default Re: On-line fly shop

    MrEsox: Have you tried the Forum fly Shop?


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    I've used these folks and I like the free shipping...

    Gig Harbor Fly Shop Home Page

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    best one ive found.

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    I buy from Feather Craft, Madison River Fishing Company - Ennis, Montana , and Kaufmann's- Kaufmann Streamborn - Fly Fishing Rods, Fly Fishing Reels, Flies and Fly Fishing Gear - Everything for the Fly Fisher - Since 1969 - Oregon - Home

    Other major online shops are The Fly Shop, and Westbank Anglers. Oh and don't forget The Book Mailer- the mail order shop Gary Lafontaine started back when.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcnerney View Post
    MrEsox: Have you tried the Forum fly Shop?

    ya i looked on the forum fly shop but did not see fly material, i seen flies to buy but not material and stuffs.
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    For the E.P. fibres check out Fly Tying Materials | Fly Tying Recipes | Fly Tying Supplies | Fly Tyers Dungeon | Fly Tying Supplies. These aren't the original, but for the price, ya can't find better!!! As for the other stuff, try Not a bad selection, and good prices.
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    Fly tyers dungeon has really cheap materail. I stock up on that place. My favorite two are

    JS Fly Fishing: Rod Building Supplies, Fly Tying Materials

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    I can buy Spirit River Hot Cones and Real eyes plus for half the price than any where else.

    And I use to buy hooks.

    hope it helps!
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