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  1. Default Fair maid of perth

    Hi everyone,

    Desperately looking for help.
    Does anyone have the pattern for the "Fair Maid of Perth" or any ideas where I might find it?


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    Default Re: Fair maid of perth

    The internet searching I did showed nothing. However, Fair maid of perth is refeared to st. val's day. ya feb 14th or whenever it is. we may need more info on the fly to help you. Anyone else????
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    Default Re: Fair maid of perth

    I also tried an internet search and turned up nothing. Sorry.


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    Contacted several tyers in UK and here.....sorry no luck. Is it an AUSSIE Fly?

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    Hi everyone,

    Many thanks for your efforts on my behalf. The fly is supposed to be a very old pattern for the river Tay in Scotland. I have had no success to date, if I ever find it I will post it for your info,
    Best Regards,

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    Default Re: Fair maid of perth

    You might try writing these folks and asking if they have heard of it Welcome to River Edge Lodges

    It's a fishing lodge on the river Tay.
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