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  1. Default expensive fly hook replacement

    I was looking around at fly patterns (streamers) for King Salmon and Steelhead in Lake Erie and Ontario to tie. Unfortunatley, the fly requires a tmc 600 hook which is 13.95 for 25. Is there any cheaper replacements for the tmc 600 hook?

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    TMC 600 is 3X short, 3X heavy, with a wide gape.

    If you don't need a 3X heavy hook, it really opens up the possibilities.

    But for a straight up neer 'nuf sub try a Daiichi X510.

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    Default Re: expensive fly hook replacement

    Eagleclaw 254ss.
    If you look around, you can find them for less than 10 bucks for 100
    They have unusually large eyes though
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