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Thread: Inspired by Ice

  1. Default Inspired by Ice

    Was at Cabela's a week or two ago and bout some small 1/80 Jig hooks which are the same gap as a #12 hook:
    Cabela's: Fly-Tying Jig Heads

    I thought this could be cool for deep nymhing putting the fly straight out. *So I tied up some LANCE secret nymphs and some Irish Springs:

    I haven't had a chance to try them yet, but kind of excited to.

    Also, a few years back, I fabricated a hook. *Actually two hooks into one. *Bending the top hook (which is a down eye) up, and the main hook a straight eye:

    Again trying to get the nymph straight out on a line going straight down (like in Ice Fishing)

    Now look at these new hooks at Cabela's:

    Cabela's: Search Results

    Hummmm I was onto something and didn't even know it...LOL

    Moral of the story....EXPERIMENT!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Inspired by Ice


    I gotta admit you are really into it! When it gets to the point where you are designing your own hook you are being driven and also have great focus. I'm always thankful that there are people who are thinking and searching for a better way. That's what has made America the best place on earth and now I know that you are one of those people.

    Too Cool,


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Why, thank you!

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    Default Re: Inspired by Ice

    Joni, The jigs are great looking...I remember the post on your two hook rig, actually like the looks of it more then the Cabela's version.


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    Default Re: Inspired by Ice

    Great flies Joni! Partridge makes double shanked hooks, for future reference. You might prefer to do your own, and it may be cheaper. They have double shanked nymph hooks, and salmon hooks...maybe more. I love your designs, keep up the good work!
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

  6. Default Re: Inspired by Ice

    Thanks Kelkay, coming from you and the rest I am flattered.
    I have some of those double steelhead hooks, but on this fly, I need two eyes. Generally I cut the hook off one of them, but I thought I would try leaving it on.

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    Default Re: Inspired by Ice

    Cool ties Joni! We do woolly buggers on jig heads here, never thought of tying nymphs on them. Sweet!!

    Allen Landheer
    Fly fishing is not for everyone..
    -Fly fishing since 1971-

  8. Default Re: Inspired by Ice

    I have seen the buggers on these hooks, but then I say these that are small, like I said, a #12 streamer. I couldn't help i, I got to try.

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    Default Re: Inspired by Ice

    Wow! That's awsome Joni. Not a single part of that I didn't like.

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    Default Re: Inspired by Ice

    Those are neat, Joni.

    With the way that the hook is set up, the fly will be straight out when it's going down, but the hook will be up. Probably doesn't matter, but if the hook was twisted 180 degrees, then the hook would be down and you might get a better action in the water; particularly in a stillwater, which I'm thinking is where you plan to fish them.

    Probably doesn't matter to the fish which way the hook lies on the pattern.

    Whoa - I just looked at my post number ..........kind of devilish, huh(?)


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