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    Hopefully!!! We'll see what happens but based on last night I would say it will be back next year!

    It was a least I thought so. I want to thank all of you who showed up. I obsessed over this thing for three months wondering if anybody would show...and you did!

    The theater seats 180 and I think we were very close to selling it out so I couldn't be happier for a first time event. I think the crowd really got into the films, they yelled when they should have, laughed when they should was perfect. The sponsors came up huge, there was a ton of stuff to give away and I think everyone left happy. The proudest moment though would be selling out almost all of the beer before the show even started. The theater dude had to do a beer run before intermission. Nice work!

    And after it is all said and done, a couple local TU chapters hopefully will have some monies for their coffers...

    Thanks to all of you who helped me out...and perhaps we'll do it again next year!

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    Default Re: Fly Fishing Film Tour...Chicago show!

    I had a great time at the show in Anchorage in late March. I managed a nice Simms sticker and saw a bunch of stuff given away. The show sold out a week ahead of time and the crowd was lively.

    For the Alaskan crowd it was cool to see all of the tropical salt water stuff. The crowd collectively gasped when the guy fishing sharks went over the gunwale like a scuba diver.

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    For those of you who like to plan ahead...let's do it again! same time, same place...

    May 2nd Wilmette Theater...

    Fly Fishing Film Tour 2012

    Hopefully in the next month or so there will be more details on local ticketing options...stay tuned!

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    Default Re: Fly Fishing Film Tour...Chicago show!

    If I'm home from school by than, count on me being there for sure.
    "Don't burn the day away" - Dave Matthews Band

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    The tour site is not updated yet but there is a local ticketing option for the show. Tickets can be purchased at chifly on Clybourn in Chicago.

    $12 cash.

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    The Gary Borger TU Chapter's annual fundraiser is tied around this years film tour show. If anyone is interested, stop by the Bottle Shop (around the corner from the theater) from 5:30 to 7pm the night of the show. They have different pricing options to get in with some including food, drink and tickets to the show. Anyway, something to think about if your looking to kill some time before the show and the proceeds of the event go to a great cause!!

    Tickets are moving at a brisk pace. I would say right now there may be 20 to 30 day of show tickets available but we're still a week out and a lot can change from now to then.

    There will be rods, reels, lines, sunglasses, hats, t-shirts, chest packs, jackets, dvd's, books and a bunch more swag both given away and raffled off. It should be a great night! Spread the word and let's show the Film Tour that the Chicagoland area can support and sell out a tour stop!

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    Default Re: Fly Fishing Film Tour...Chicago show!

    I would like to reiterate how enjoyable last year's film tour event was. I'm sure this year will be worthwhile for anyone who has a free evening to spend with fellow anglers this Wednesday in Wilmette, IL.

    The films are entertaining and the freebies are endless. Last year, boxes of SA line were flying through the air, and Orvis made it rain free gift cards. I'm still not sure how I managed to miss the line and gift cards......I may have to bring a net this year! There were also fly rod give-aways and raffle opportunities.

    Robert Thompson, many of the local fly shops, and a bunch of manufacturers definitely put forth a lot of effort to support this function. It is nice to see fly fishing events like this in the Chicagoland area. Hopefully this event continues to remain a success.

    Fly Fishing Film Tour 2012

    Third Year Fly Fisher | Welcome

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    Thanks ChicagoJohn!

    Yup, should be a great time tomorrow evening...and the swag for this year, though not endless, is great. There will be a lot of VERY happy people in the crowd.

    Unless something crazy happens between now and tomorrow night, I suspect there will be 10 to 20 tickets available at the door...but you never know.

    See you all tomorrow!!!!

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    ...just about sold out folks. There may be 10 to 15 tickets available at the door but that is subject to change based on final sales through the FF tour site.

    It should be a great evening and thanks to everyone who is coming out tonight!!

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    Thanks to everyone who came out on Wed. It was a sold out show and I think a good time was had by all!

    If all goes well, we'll do it again next year...

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