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    Default Re: Fly Fishing Film Tour...Chicago show!

    Even though I'm in Australia it looks like you might have to go for a larger venue as 180 seats is very small that would fill up in 10 minutes in our area of around 14000 people even though there are heaps of people who don't fish they are always interested.
    I imagine in Chicago,going on your Ann Arbor Tour,you could run it nightly for a week easily,then many people would still miss out.
    Have you thought of selling a DVD after your Tours are complete with access for a feedback,which would net you a few more Dollars & the people who missed out could get to see it,as well as donate????


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    The tour is coming again to the Chicagoland area and for those that like to plan early the date is Wed, May 1st at the Wilmette theater.

    You can find out ticketing info and see trailers to some of the film in this years line-up here...

    Fly Fishing Film Tour: Watch Fly Fishing Films

    I believe last year was a sold out show so i would get your tickets in advance.

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    Default Re: Fly Fishing Film Tour...Chicago show!

    I went to the film show about 2 weeks ago. It was my first time and I have to say I was disappointed. Too much stuff that wasn't fly fishing. 2-3 clips of guys playing guitars, jet skis pulling wake boards, lots of folks just talking and not always about fishing either. One segment they had a cute girl on there talking, she sounded like a valley girl. But nothing to do with fishing. That whole segment seemed more like a plug for Alaska tourism.

    The quality of the films are great, its just the composition that was lacking.
    I doubt I'll go again.

    Its good that they raise money for local stream improvement, they give out promotional stuff (hats and T-shirts) and they raffle off some nice items but as far as the films, I can stay home and record better stuff off the TV.

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    Another quick update...

    The show is just over three weeks away and the swag pile just got a BIG boost.

    Scientific Anglers was kind enough to drop probably 1K worth of lines and fly boxes for the event. Shark Skin, GPX, Mastery Series, there is no shortage of casting goodness in that pile.

    Abel Reels was also VERY generous as was Flying Pig Fly Rods...hint hint.
    There is also a complete Orvis rod/reel/line set up to win (Helios/Hydros)

    Also received some great stuff from The Old AuSable Fly shop in Michigan...and there is still more stuff from various other companies on the way including another care package from Orvis corporate. I suspect there will be no shortage of smiles on a lot of peoples faces as they leave the show May 1st.

    Also, rumor has it there is a shortage this year of the "Stone Fly" magazine which usually gets handed out to all who walk through the door. They sent 200 last year and every one of them got scooped up, this year there is only 150 (and there is no more) so with an expected crowd of 200 (based on last years attendence) it's first come first fyi.

    Still tickets available but I suspect that will start to change in the next couple weeks as the show draws closer.

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    Tickets are becoming scarce. There have been a few more tickets released to the film tour site as of this morning and I suspect if there are any available at the door it won' be many...

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