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    Default Smallies are on fire....

    Been hitting my local stream here in SE MI, and the Smallies have been hot...They are definitely looking up right now. I fished with sliders and poppers Saturday and last night and had a ball. Best fish Saturday was about 18", taken on a chartreuse and green slider; and I got his twin last night, same fly.

    I haven't seen any big flys on the water yet, but it hasn't mattered so far. Out of 7 fish last night, 6 came on poppers or sliders; one on my river shiner pattern.


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    Default Re: Smallies are on fire....

    Nice going, sounds like a good time!!! I wish a smallies would pick up, its been a little slow in ohio for me at least. When we do hook them there around 10-12'' range, not sure were the big ones been this year.

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    Default Re: Smallies are on fire....

    The Hex is just starting on the middle Huron around S. Lyon - Milford area, numbers are better up around A2 from what I hear. just hope the rain holds out till early next week so it doesn't totally wash out the water system.
    if there is a wash out I'm planing on going up stream over the weekend around Zeeb Rd.

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