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    Default Man I miss the Dupage!!! report 7/27/09

    Went out with my new shades and new fishing shirt I got when I was on vacation. I was looking super good... lol any who. It was hot out so I decied to wet wade b/c I was lazy and didn't want to bother with my wader. So I headed out on the water for about 2 hours and had a very good day. I had my usual 20 or so rock bass and a bunch of dink smallies. Then I started to stalk this huge smallie and I was stripping back my fly and WHAMMMMM this thing took my streamer and bolted... I **** you not I was down to my backing on my fly line... I never had a fish fight like this. He was very into jumping and I had a feeling I was going to loose him but I didn't and landed it... nothing like looking at a fish 20 or so yards away jumping out of the water... Man I love the Dupage...

    Sight fishing for the big one...

    and here she is

    I would say about a 20 incher... Healthy fishing very strong

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    Default Re: Man I miss the Dupage!!! report 7/27/09

    smallieman: Nice fish! Thanks for posting. Sounds like you had a battle on your hands landing that big guy!


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    Default Re: Man I miss the Dupage!!! report 7/27/09

    Nice job smallieman....That's a very nice fish...Nice pics too...


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    thats a nice fish last time i was there i caught one about 2 lbs and a 2 lbs catfish

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