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  1. Default More help needed please

    The responses I got from my first post were so helpful that I decided to ask for some more help . I was going to wait until next spring to get a trout stamp but decided I'd get it now and then fish throughout the fall and winter.
    Problem is I'm a complete trout virgin and have no idea what I need to pack (and buy yet). If somebody could help me out and just give me a list of supplies they take with them when they go out with them. I'm giong to Salt Creek and although they have steelheads there I figure I'm probably better off starting out with brown trout.
    Once again thanks in advance to anybody that might be able to help me. If you need more info in order to help me out I'll try to answer any questions you may have.


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    Default Re: More help needed please

    To be quite honest with you, I'd look for an instructor. A good one will not only get you casting, but should walk you through equipment, entimology (sp?) and working/recognizing streamside.

    If this is not possible, get a couple of books. I had exactly one (1) class for casting and such, but I read the heck out of anything and everything that I could. I recommend at least the following books:

    Fly Fishing Basics (David Hughes and Richard Bunse)

    This is a very basic book, but it's concise and informative. It won't fill your head with alot of stuff that, although you'll need to know, will only serve to confuse you in the beginning.

    The L.L. Bean Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing by Lord/Telluer/Whitlock

    There's alot of good stuff in this, expands a little more than the first book.

    Lastly, pay attention to what is said here. I learned alot from reading stuff here and just getting on the water. It's a real bummer learning stuff with no guiding light, especially at streamside. But, like anything else, it comes with practice and doing it. There is no other alternative.
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    Default Re: More help needed please

    Stoner where are you from? I would look into any local flyfishing clubs; check at you local flyshop.


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    Default Re: More help needed please


    From this site, it says that Salt Creek flows Northwest of Valparaiso and, via the Little Calumet, eventually finds it way into Lake Michigan.

    Fly Fishing the Salt Creek in Indiana - Fly Fishing Community

    The species that are given in various sites that pop up when you search <Salt Creek, IN, Fly Fishing> are "Salmon", "Steelhead" and "Trout". That gives you a pretty big variation in the gear that you'd need to take with you to fly fish Salt Creek.

    I couldn't find any fly shops listed in the Salt Creek area; which seemed strange if they have good salmon and steelies(?) But, I think you should take the advice of the other posters, contact someone that knows about fishing Salt Creek, get his/her opinion on the gear that you'll need and proceed to purchase from there. Many times fly shops located a hundred miles or more from where you plan to fish will know what species you'll find there and how best to fish them. It's worth a try.

    So, see if you can hook up with someone who knows the area/water. They'll tell you what you need in order to have fun fishing Salt Creek. In general fly fishing gear is not cheap, so it makes sense to get what you'll need if this is where you plan to fish.

    Also, there are very few fly fishers that I know that are skillful enough to be able to fish only a single species when there are multiple salmonid species present. Usually, you catch what's hitting your fly; you don't often have the choice to catch a brown trout versus a rainbow trout, etc., since they co-habit the same streams/rivers and have somewhat similar feeding habits.

    Good luck!


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    Thanks again for all of the help given. I've tried other fly fishing forums in the past and this site proves superior time and time again. I've tried finding local fly shops and have had no luck. Same with fly clubs. I've also asked workers at the local Gander Mountain who were mostly clueless. The best I can see I'm just gonna have to keep reading articles and go out there and try to figure it out on my own. I'll post updates on how it goes and may ask a couple more questions as I try to figure it all out. Thanks for the continued support though I really do appreciate it.


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    goto Bass Pro Shop in Merrivlle IN and look on the board at the fly fishing shop they have there. The are guides that can help yyou

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    There's also a couple of good shops in Indy (Flymasters and Wildcat Creek) and there is a fly show in Indy in Jan. I would definitely suggest a guide if you have minimal steelhead experience. Access can be an issue on those creeks too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smallieman View Post
    goto Bass Pro Shop in Merrivlle IN and look on the board at the fly fishing shop they have there. The are guides that can help yyou
    Bass Pro is in Portage - exit 19 off 94 or off 249 if you are in going through Portage.

    Cabela's is off Indianapolis in Hammond - exit 3 south off of 94.

    I spend more time at Bass Pro than Cabela's since it's closer to me. We meet on Tuesdays for Fly Tying at Bass Pro and Monday's and Thursday's at Cabela's. Duneland Fly Fishing club meets third Tuesday's at Bass Pro. NWI Steelheaders meets somewhere, but I don't know much about them.

    Even if you don't go there for tying any of the guys working at either place spend a lot of time on the local water and can point you in the right direction and are more than happy to share information.

    Not any other places around here that I know of.

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    Default Re: More help needed please


    You've got great recommendations from the guys here, and if you can find a local shop, and/or local fly club you'd really be best off. And if you can spend a day or 1/2 day fishing with a guide- perhaps splitting the cost with a buddy you'll learn a ton that will help you when you fish on your own.

    I took a stab at putting together a FAQ on gear for trout fishing. There's many ways of doing things and folks all have their own favorite products, but i tried to throw something together for you to at least get a sense of typical stuff carried on a stream- some of it may or may not be obvious, and you won't need all of it to start, but it may give you some ideas.

    Here's a link:

    Keep asking questions, I'm sure folks can get you sorted out.

    Good luck,


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