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    Default Dupage River exploration 9/12

    Well I want to be creative with this post. I headed out south of I80 today to explore new lands of the Dupage River. I started around 7am and finished around noon. The fish total was countless Dink smallies but always fun. The biggest ran about 12-13 inches and had many of them. Here is the Ariel shot of where I was working the river at

    This is what I was using... my TFO 5wt armed with my Ross Reel and Sharkskin line.

    I headed up stream to my spot where I wanted to start fishing down stream at and here is a few pics

    I started here and made my way down stream and caught endless smallies... I was getting tired fast working all the dinks..

    I found myself and nice spot and picked up some very beautiful fish.


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    Default Re: Dupage River exploration 9/12

    very nice....thanks for posting

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    I live in a town that the dupage river runs through and never knew that it was a good smallie fishery! Thanks for informing. Know any other hotspots youre willing to divulge in the area?

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    Default Re: Dupage River exploration 9/12

    Great Pics... Looks like a very nice river...


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