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Thread: March Steelhead action

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    Default March Steelhead action

    03/04/2011 March Madness!
    Another stunningly, gorgeous day on the river! Temperatures were high 30's, but it felt like 50. I only had 4 hours to fish today, but more than made them count. I ended up going 2 for 5 with a monster red buck Steelhead and a hen about 2 pounds. The river was quiet today, with no other anglers. The CFS was low around 800, ideal for wading. The Clown Egg pattern worked wonders again!

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    James Pryal
    Into The Wild Fly Fishing

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    Default Re: March Steelhead action

    James: Congrats on the gorgeous looking Steelies!


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    Default Re: March Steelhead action

    post deleted by me. Thank you so much,

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    Default Re: March Steelhead action

    Another good day for you James...Congrats...


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    Thanks guys! When the weather warms or stays stable the bite picks up. These fish are all over but somewhat finicky when it's below 20 degrees. Thanks again guys! Tight lines!
    James Pryal
    Into The Wild Fly Fishing

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    Those are great looking fish, quick question tho, I never fished for salmon or trout and was told around the milwakee area is good in a week or two, just wondering where are those fish from? Not looking for a honey hole just want take a shot. Thanks

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    These fish are from the Upper Peninsula.
    James Pryal
    Into The Wild Fly Fishing

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