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    played with my fathers fly rod for the first time last year at the local lake. knowing wear the bluegill are!!! it didn't take long to bring home dinner. soon it well be spring as we all know & the gill's well be back on there beds. My father told me to keep the fly rod last fall. so the fly rod has been in my garage waiting for spring. The line on this reel is old and needs replacing, fishing on a small lake, from canoe, for blue gill only. what type of flooting line should i get??????????
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    Hi Jeffrey,
    What size is the rod? Weight rating, length and model that will help determine your best line.

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    the rod has no labeling. I know its a two piece, eight ft. yellow rod, I'm guessing the rod is a eagle claw (nothing special)

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    Hard to give you good advise without the weight. Do you know anyone that fly fishes that might be able to help? I would think a 3 or 4 weight inexpensive floating line would be fine on that rod (if it is not real stiff) if the rod is stiff, maybe a 5#. That's about the best I can do from here. Bluegill on the fly is a blast, give Betts poppers a try.
    Good luck and have fun fishing

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    Most Eagle Claw Feather weights(yellow rod) are short 5 weight rods.
    A WWF 5 weight line would be fine. Nothing exxpensive. Maybe Cortland FairPlay since you're new at it all. My fav fly for gills, white sponge spiders. smallest you can find

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    And I'll add small chartreuse Sneaky Petes as my absolute favorite panfish fly.

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