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Thread: How To Again?

  1. Default How To Again?

    This hole is a head scratcher.

    You are looking downstream in the photo.

    It is mid september.

    Lots of leaves on the surface.

    The water dumps over a slight ledge all the long the grass line on the right.

    The far left is a rock face that "chairs" to a deep slot. All rock.

    The upstream approach is tight.
    The water is slow.

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    Hi Spinner,

    This is not the kind of fly fishing I am good at but here is what I would try. I would take a long rod something like a 12' or 14' cane pole used for pan fish. No fly line, just tie a long leader to the tip of the cane pole. I would just dapple the fly on the surface between the leaves. Or let a couple of inches of tippet and the fly on the water with a slow drift. Pick spots between the leaves so the fly doesn't get caught up on the leaves. I would sneak up from behind the bush on the right and keep my self concealed. I would fish the deep slot on the left.

    Another approach is to fish a sinking line from where the picture is taken and feed the fly and line into the pool below. You have to do it with out getting mixed up with the leaves. You need to keep concealed and out of the water if you can.

    The last choice is to vacuum up the leaves!

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    Late September

    Tight cover behind you.

    No obvious hatches.

    High banks......root system.

    Where would you cast and what with?

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