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    Default Starter Areas In Michigan

    Hey Guys,

    I'm just starting out trout fishing on the fly here in Michigan and was wondering of any areas to start out on mid state and further north? Im not asking for a hole but just some basic spots that i can try out. I don't know many trout streams outside of the Ausable River and the Manistee River. Any information is appreciated

    Mikey Adams
    Up North Journal

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    Default Re: Starter Areas In Michigan


    Take a look at the Clinton and the North Branch of the Clinton as well as Paint Creek, they're not that far from you. The Clinton also has a small Steelhead run.


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    Default Re: Starter Areas In Michigan

    Dont forget to try your hand at some of our fantastic smallmouth fishing as well. The Huron and the Raisen have given me some fantastic times that i would say rate right up there with trout up north. If you want some info about either, Pm me.
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    Default Re: Starter Areas In Michigan

    Hi bi visable,

    There are so many options in Michigan and I recommend you get this book.

    Trout Streams of Michigan by Linsenman and Nevala. It is in it's Second Edition.

    It will give you a run down on a lot of fishing including places to park, camp or stay. It covers all of Michigan and is well worth the cost. It is available [ame=""]from Amazon[/ame].


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    Default Re: Starter Areas In Michigan

    Second the smallies idea, lots of still water where your at with good big mouth bass as well, if trout are a must look toward Wixom for stocker fest in the spring, also look for trout in Spring Mill pond and Trout lake, though they are a bit harder to get to.

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    Default Re: Starter Areas In Michigan

    Love the bass fishing here in the summer! I don't think I could survive the summer without em
    Mikey Adams
    Up North Journal

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