Deer Season 2009 is in the books for us and it was a good season. We all survived it, enjoyed being outdoors and had a great time. We didnít see the number of deer we have seen in the past but saw Deer and we all wound up with Venison in the Freezer.

During Bow Season we saw some nice bucks, but couldnít close the deal. Gun season we passed on some smaller bucks, waiting for the big ones, but it didnít happen. Thatís why they call it hunting.

While we didnít take many deer, we saw the woods change from fall to winter, some great skies, bright moons, and an assortment of squirrels, Turkey, Geese, and Deer.

While I didnít get it on Camera, I think one of my best moments in the tree was while I was watching a Black Squirrel hanging off the side of a tree about 15 yards in front of me. Out of nowhere from my right swoops in a big Red Tailed Hawk. The Squirrel spun around the tree and the hawk barely missed and lands on a branch about 10 feet away with his wings flared. The Squirrel ran about 6 feet up and was chattering while the Hawk was screeching. I donít know what they were saying, but the Squirrel sounded cocky and the Hawk sounded Pissed.

I put a two part video on our website at Untitled

I hope that everybody found something to celebrate during their 2009 Season, and that all remain happy and healthy and look forward to Deer Season 2010.