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  1. Default hello to everyone

    First of all i would like to say hi to all in the forum

    i have just moved to chicago from england where i fished as much as i possibly could. Now i have moved to chicago and havnt fished for a couple of months and im going can anyone give me some advice on fly fishing in the chicago area, advice on maybe a club i could join where they would be happy to help me find my fly fishing feet in chicago as i dont now the area to well and it seems quite daunting finding places to fish
    I am based in the north chicago suburbs

    Thanks for your help


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    Default Re: hello to everyone

    Hi Scott,

    Welcome to the forum, we have a member (Caseywise) who lives near you and is avid with his fishing. I will find him and see if he will send you a PM.


    Edit: I just sent Casey a PM, he is not on line right now but he will no doubt get in touch.............................

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    I just took a look at the map; Casey lives about 50 miles N.W. of you. That's a lot closer than I am mate.

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    Default Re: hello to everyone

    Welcome to the forum. I am also new here and have found the people here very nice.

    I actually lived in the Chicago area for many years before moving to Georgia and I must tell you that some of the best trout fishing is only 4 hours to the Northwest of you. The driftless area of Southwest Wisconson is amazing. Spring fed streams that are shallow, narrow and hold some very nice big trout. I truly miss that area and try to get back at least once per year to fish.

    Focus your search starting in the Richland Center area and go North about 30 to 60 miles to towns like Avalanche, Viroqua, Westby and **** Valley.

    I am not sure how far you want to travel but the fishing in these areas is awesome. Their is a memeber on this forum who has guided out of Richland Center named Len Harris. His pictures and posts on this forum and other fly fishing forums are great.
    Tight lines,


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    Default Re: hello to everyone

    Hi Scott
    as you've already seen on Ard's'll find friendly and helpful people here

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    Default Re: hello to everyone

    Hi Scott,

    I just wanted to welcome you to NAFFF. I hope you enjoy your time with us and hope to see you post often.


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    Wink Alert!!

    Here's the bad news, these Guys don't know 'you know what' about what.' Take all given advise with a grain of salt.

    Welcome to a very good Fora.

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    Default Re: hello to everyone

    welcome scott,

    i too am new to fly fishing and am still learning the area too. Im about 45 mi south of you in plainfield il. I here the root river in kenosha wi is supposed to be great for trout and shouldnt be to far from you. im just waiting for a good day to get up there myself my cousins have fished there for years.

    good luck and hope to see you out there


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    Hi Scott,

    depending on what you want to fish for I could try to point you in the rights direction. Mostly around here its warmwater species. Im in the west suburbs and have pretty much fished all the surrounding lakes and rivers around here fly fishing except for the heart of the city. Southwest Wisconsin I hear is indeed good trout fishing. Never been. I go seven hours North to my cabin to fish for pike,smallies, etc. I hear the milwaukee river and root river are good spots depending on the weather obviously and how many people know that river system is good that time of year. I havent fished them but thats what I hear. Theres a fly shop in Milwaukee that should give you some great info if you call them(I forget the guys name). If you have a question about a river or lake let me know. By the way my buddy joseph is the store manager of Orvis in chicago just to let you know, the guy knows his stuff and taught me alot. Just ask. Good luck.

  9. Default Re: hello to everyone

    thankyou everyone for the warm welcome

    i used the uk forum and that was friendly and helpful and its nice to see you guys are just as if not more welcoming.

    I would eventually like to fish for trout but i am up for any new challenge so would enjoy any fly fishing especially some new species i havnt caught before. its great to know theres so much good fishing not far from me i know thats going to help me settle here.

    i am not far from fox lake and have heard there might be some good fly fishing in that area . has anyone fished around there?

    thanks everyone for your help


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    Default Re: hello to everyone

    Scott, welcome to the Forum...I'm not familiar with the warm water fishing opportunities in your area, but you can go up either side of Lake Michigan for some tremendous Steelhead and Salmon fishing. Michigan and Wisconsin have some great waters for you to explore.


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