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Thread: Odd?

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    Have you had this happen to you.

    I am fishing deep water and throwing deep stuff. The water is cold so I wait for it get down. Before I can wait for it I see movement in front me. It is a an extra large trout cruising down stream with my presentation in is mouth "like a dog carries a bone". I felt no bite it happened so quick i was startled and the trout saw me and literally drop it when I saw it and was staring at it.

    What would you have done?

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    I had a similar one happen last summer. I was letting a clouser drop and when I started to strip, I couldn't seem to feel the fly. I started stripping faster and caught up with a Pike that had grabbed it headed right at me. I have had that happen a few times. Small pike each time. If you dead bait in the spring (yes I'm guilty of using conventional gear and bait sometimes ) small ones when they pick it up head for shallow water, big ones run deep. Pretty much every single time.

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