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Thread: Life Is Good

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    Fished a tiny stream this morning way off the roadway. Fished from 8:30am until 11:30am. The weather conditions were sunny with gin clear water. The water temp was 44 degrees. The outdoor temp was 52 degrees.

    When I got off the road a ways....
    This is what I saw first.

    Five trout later I moved upstream to the tiny water I was looking forward to.

    There were trout in every little drop deeper than 12 inches.

    It was fun puddle jumping.

    12 browns and one brookie later I walked back to the car

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    57 degrees outside temp
    water temp 50
    fished from 9am until 11:45am

    20 browns to hand.
    Nothing large

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    03/31/10 outing

    18 browns to hand ranging from 2 inches to 17 inches.
    Outside temp at 8:30 am was 56 degrees
    Outside temp at end of outing 66 degrees
    Water Clarity good.
    Water temp at 8:30am 50 degrees
    Water temp at 10:30am 56 degrees
    Trout shut down when the sun got high in the sky.

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    Fished today on Non-designated trout water in Richland County today with my daughter Anna. We started at 1:30pm and it was hard sledding until it clouded up. We lost a few at shore and half way through the outing we changed our tactics and it was amazing the results we had. I landed 8 trout in 3 hours and Anna landed 18. Anna's biggest to hand is below.

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    Fished some non-designated water in Richland County tonight

    22 browns to hand. Nothing large to hand. Rolled to 20 inchers.

    This stretch will be unfishable in three weeks due to vegetation growth.

    All trout well directly behind cover.

    Outside temp was 66. Water temp 58.
    Partly cloudy. Water clarity slightly cloudy.

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    Len: Very nice photos and fishing report! Your daughter looked like she had a great time on the water! Congrats!


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    Fished some tiny water with my best fishing buddy Andy.
    Andy caught two big trout of the day.
    I caught a couple more than him but nothing photo worthy.
    Andy was fishing lots of different droppers...
    Wind was terrible.
    It was better than sitting at home.

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    Can you ALL visualize a brookie with these colors but about 8 inches longer?
    My buddy Andy was dragging a big flashy olive bugger and he exclaimed:

    "Oh my god look at that monster."
    I was standing right along side Andy and watched the whole thing go down.

    This one beat the monster to the bugger.

    This one was caught in same hole as the Oh My God brookie.

  9. Default Browns And Lots Of Them.

    fished for 3 hours this afternoon. 3pm until 6pm.

    These yellow flowers were in the swampy first part of my fish. I walked up to the flowers to take a photo and the next thing you knew i was waist deep in mud. Was a little scary for a while.

    I caught a ridiculous amount of browns. They ranged from 4 inches to 18.

    I actually stopped fishing early and walked out because I thought catching anymore would be GREEDY.

    Had about another 10 on that I lost due to going barbless today.
    They were all behind structure or in funnels along banks with cuts.

    A return trip to this water is in order before the weeds get to tall and make it impossible to fish there.

    Non-designated water.
    Clarity very good.
    Outside temps 58
    water temp 56
    No obvious hatches.

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    Ted Kirkpatrick and I fished yesterday from 1:00pm until 3:30pm
    The sun was bright and high in the sky. We both landed about
    10 each.

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