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  1. Default Boyne, Escanaba, Yellow Dog, U.P.

    Hey folks,

    I'm a southern California fly fisherman which means I spend most of my time in the surf. My local haunts are really cool, but fairly popular.

    I take a trip to the U.P. of Michigan every year during late July/August to visit family. It's a requirement. I actually love this part of the country and wish I could spend more time - appropriate time - here, but it tends to be just one week of the year. (I've been thinking about buying property here just to have an excuse.) But anyway - there was post a while back that discussed fishing through the region which doesn't appear anymore - at least after a couple of scotches - but it was a pretty good set of info.

    I'm interested in any info folks can provide regarding the "Bay Harbor" region and the Marquette regions. PM me if necessary.

    I'm not a year rounder, in fact, I would say I'm an off season fisher. Here's the scenario - We fly in to Traverse City - Stay at Bay Harbor a couple of days - and then to the UP in Negaunee for a week or so.

    Last year was OK. There was a great post here that gave me some direction, but appears to be gone now.

    I tend to like smaller streams and isolation, but for this trip, since I'm visiting family, I really can't spend a lot of time away. I know July is not the best time of year for hitting the rivers. I did OK on the Boyne and the Escanaba last year. Several browns each, but I suspect the Yellow Dog holds something great. This looks like the kind of river I long for - I just didn't have time to walk. I don't mind walking normally, but this is a family visitation trip mind you. Last year I feel like I missed out as I watched a bait fisherman pull in a salmon in down-town Petosky, and the Yellow Dog looked really nice, but couldn't devote a 3 hour+ hike.

    So if any of you can provide some help, I would really appreciate it. I'm not up for a guide - I like the isolation of going it alone.

    Please PM or provide what ever info you can provide. Late July timeframe, Petoskey area, and Marquette/U.P. area.

    While I had OK results on the Boyne and the Escanaba - I have the Michigan Fly Fishing guide book - I really was frustrated as I wasted a day trying to figure out how to get access to the falls on the Escanaba - appears to be on private property only - and the Yellow Dog looked ideal, but I couldn't devote the time to hike it.

    I fly fish the surf as well, so Lake Superior looked tempting, but didn't try it. Any recommendations you could provide would be appreciated. I'm not fishing in your ideal season, and I only make the trip once a year, so I don't think I'm taking away from your opportunities. Also would be happy to return the favor if you are in Southern California, but it should be fairly obvious where to go when you are out here.


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    Default Re: Boyne, Escanaba, Yellow Dog, U.P.

    Welcome to the Forum.. If you're going to be in the TC area you might like to look at the Jordan River; not far from Petoskey or check out the Manistee River around where M-72 crosses it.

    I'm not real familiar with the Yellow Dog, haven't fished it enough to tell you much about it. One stream I did fish in the area was the outlet from Lake Independence to the Big Lake. It was full of Brookies the last time I was there.


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    Default Re: Boyne, Escanaba, Yellow Dog, U.P.

    Hard to beat NW lower MI for the combination of trout fisheries and the convenience of having the towns like TC, Petoskey/Bay Harbor, Charlevoix, and Boyne City close at hand. The UP does offer a little more solitude.

    That and you have the Manistee, Betsie, Boardman, Jordan, Boyne nearby with the Pere Marquette, Au Sable, and Muskegon not far away.
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