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  1. Default The Skinny On Wisconsin Tiger Trout

    Bob Skoronski Green Bay Packer retired with one of the three tiger he caught that day fishing with me. His son Ron is in the foreground and he also caught a tiger that day.


    The Stream Of Time: Wisconsin Tiger Trout

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    Default Re: The Skinny On Wisconsin Tiger Trout

    Len: Nice looking tiger trout! We have tigers in High Savery reservoir here in WY, but I have yet to catch one (I've only been there twice and each time the wind was blowing like crazy). The reservoir faces west to east and the wind can really blow across that water. I have been thinking about getting a trolling motor. I try to stay upwind of the boat launch so I can get back, trying to row against that kind of wind is useless. A trolling motor would take the worry out of it.


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