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    This photo was taken last fall when I fished with Dave Fowler. Just 20 yards upstream is the biggest hole in the pasture at the headwaters of Rattlesnake Creek.

    Mark and I went out opening day and shot a Television Program with Pronghorn Production Television. What do you think this photo depicts ?

    I call this photo.
    "Set Swirl and Whine"

    Chris has been busy shooting other shows and finally had time to capture this photo from his video.

    This waterway is typical 2-3 feet wide and holes in early season have big dogs schooled up.

    I call it "All Over But The Crying"

    The trout was huge and clearly moved up stream because of the spawning itch.

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    Default Re: Set, Swirl, Whine

    Len: It looks to me like you guys were dry fly fishing, a big toad comes up and instead of hesitating a second for the fish to take the fly, instead the fly was pulled away before the fish had a firm bite on it. Been there, done that and it still hurts, especially on a really big fish!


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    Default Re: Set, Swirl, Whine

    Yea Larry, I hear! Nothing worse than flossing a fatty.
    My thing is a tip down, slow strip set. In lou of saying "god save the queen" before rod setting.
    I think it's one of the hardest things to learn, but pays big dividends.
    Since most of us come up fishing dries first, (and rod setting) it is a real extra effort to learn it!
    I picked it up streamer fishing, and swear by it now for dries and indy fishing most of the time.
    If you miss'em, you only moved the fly 6" or so, just continue the drift, maybe still get one.
    Not sure it would have helped in this case, but I miss fewer now because of it.
    Nice creek, I'll bet the big guy comes back, same time next year!

    Ultimately, it's not catching fish that satisfies, but knowing how.


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