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  1. Default Wisconsin trout fishing video EarlyC&R Season

    Made a short video for my friend Mike K. from MN. We were in Upper Wisco. This is some video from a short stretch that had active fish feeding on the surface. Mainly keyed on stoneflies. We had to stop and join the party.

    Warmwater fishing is on finally in the Upper Midwest. Cool water temps have slowed things down, but at least we can fish now!

    Enjoy the video!

    [ame=""]Wisconsin Fly Fishing Trout Early C&R Season[/ame]
    Capt. Ouitdee Carson
    Arrowhead Fly Angler
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    Default Re: Wisconsin trout fishing video EarlyC&R Season

    Awesome! I have fished the northwoods before, with little fish, but hte ones that were caught were of larger size. What stream is this? I will be fishing a stream that is very similar in size and looks to this, but in sections it is a class two whitewater. Very exited needless to say!

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