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    Default A creek that is Amazing

    So my buddy and I went out to today. We fished from 8-230. Water was slightly stained and up about 6 inches from last week. Today I must say was a great day one of the best I have had out on a creek. The fish are moving in for the spawn. Seen many beds being made, the fish on the beds are not interested in anything at all.. The fish that were caught were very aggressive and out to kill. We seen a few rock bass today a few gar cruising the flats. But all and all a great day.

    Double Fish

    I just had 2

    I am tired of posting pics but those are some of them... It was an amazing day.

    Hope you enjoy

    Till Next week

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    Default Re: A creek that is Amazing


    I would not be talking about that place. I like seeing the pictures but you better keep that one under your hat.


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    Default Re: A creek that is Amazing

    Looks like Smallie Heaven...Wish it was My Creek...


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    Default Re: A creek that is Amazing

    Wow! Looks like an epic day on the water! Congrats!


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