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    Default almost lost my hand but had a 40+ day

    I made my way down to the Mazon again yesterday. The water was perfect in my eyes.. it was low and clear. I worked an area that I have fished with Jake and made it down to a point and the fish didnt like what I was tossing to them. So i was tired of not catching anything. I went upstream from where I parked and WOW.... the water was perfect for fly fishing. I had one of my best outings of the the year on my fly rod at the Mazon. I lost count after 40 fish. All fish were ranging from 12-17inches. Mostly all were smallies I seen a few on the beds but lots of fry and lots of empty nests. I did notice that the rock bass were spawning and I caught some fat ones. Got a few nice Shinners. I landed 1 gar about 17 inches a crappie. I got tired of taking pictures so I just wanted to fish.

    I was working an area of slack water and landed a monster smallie I would say about 19-21 inches.. I seen the fish rocket out of the water after my fly. It took me about 6 or 7 minutes to bring him in. The water around me was murky and I was about to lip him and then WHAMM.. A freaking GAR about 36 inches as thick as my arm came out of nowhere and tried to eat MY hand and MY Smallie.. but sadly he missed my hand and got my line and my smallie swam away with a "Golden Shower" in his mouth. I did see this fish on the way back to my car and it was just hanging out of his mouth. I tried to see if he wanted another one but no taker. I hope he will be fine.

    I did see a turtle eating a dead Gar.
    I got to try out my new TFO Axiom Rod and love it.

    But here are the photos I have taken

    Till Next TIME!!!

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    Default Re: almost lost my hand but had a 40+ day

    smallieman: Wow, that was a great day on the water, congrats! Sounded a little too close for comfort with the gar! Great fishing report and photos, thanks for sharing!


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    Default Re: almost lost my hand but had a 40+ day

    You are in the middle of some good bass fishing. Wow!

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