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    hell yes the pink squirrel does it again, i am absolutely amazed how that fly flat out murders them when a bead head hares ear tied very buggy but natural will not. that or a small Barr's slumpbuster are now my two ONLY subsurface patterns when not targeting specific species of bugs. otherwise use a hopper/dropper setup when the summer bring hoppers to the plate. oh BTW what are you using for the pink trigger on the fly, chennille or pink dubbing. I only ask because i have found the pink haretron mixed about 60% with 40% pink ice dub to be the best trigger, clear water or cloudy.

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    Tail Use three strands of purple crystal flash.

    Rib use medium red copper wire

    Dubbing Fox squirrel body hair blended with Hair-Tron cinnamon

    Collar Use florescent hot pink chenille

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    i like the purple crystal flash idea mine as of now is

    2 pearl crystal flash tail

    medium copper wire rib

    hares mask guard hare dubbing blended in bag with fox squirrel tail using compressed air.

    the aformentioned pink hare-tron/pink ice dub mix

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