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jackd001 05-16-2010 03:34 PM

Hey all,

Does anyone know of any good streams or rivers for trout in Northern Wisconsin? I'm located in Washburn, WI.

Ard 05-16-2010 03:41 PM

Re: Recomendations
Hi Jack,

Welcome to the forum. As you can see I am a long ways from WI. but there are some members from your area. Have you looked into any publications that focus on fishing in WI. ?


peregrines 05-16-2010 10:34 PM

Re: Recomendations
Hey Jack, welcome to the forum.

Hopefully some Badgers will weigh in with some good advice.

I haven't fished much in Northern Wisconsin except for a few days on the Brule for steelhead (feeds into Lake Superior in northern WI), but it also has lake run browns and salmon in the fall as well as resident trout. In addition to a lot of small streams loaded with brook trout, there are some other well known Northern WI trout water including the Peshtigo (in Forest and Marinette counties) and Wolf (in Langlade county), Namekegan (Bayfield and sawyer county)

Here's a link to the WI DNR's webpage Places to Fish in Wisconsin - FAQ - WDNR

From that page there's a link to:
info on fishing the Bois Brule

WI Trout Streams Maps and Classes which will tajke you to detailed maps by county

Washburn County Trout Fishing- a link to maps and GPS coordinates for trout ponds in the Washburn County Forest

And don't overlook the GL tribs for spring/fall runs of steelhead and fall runs of big lake run brown trout and salmon.

There are also streams that feed in Superior that have "coasters" (a lake run strain of brook trout) Coaster Brook Trout

Here's another link that might also help with names and maps of more trout streams and a directory of WI fly shops:
Wisconsin Fly Fishing :: Wisconsin Trout Fishing, Wisconsin Trout Streams Locations and Wisconsin Fly Shops

Good luck and again welcome to the forum. Let us know how you make out on your expeditions!

il_wi_fishing 05-17-2010 07:15 PM

Re: Recomendations
you are a lucky trout angler living where you do. you are close to some of the best trout fishing offered in the entire state. the bois brule is with minutes of your house and is a well know river that houses brookies and browns in the upper sections of the river and recives a run of steelhead in its lower reaches. known as the presidents river (or smething like that) made famous for 4 presidents fishing it. also check out the namekagon and the white rivers which are close to you. Those 3 = 100miles of trout holding water. Should be enough to keep you busy...

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